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What are the impact of object oriented on software industry?


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what are the impact object oriented on software industry


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Object-oriented programming is just one possible methodology in the field of software engineering. It is a type of software engineering.See the related questions for a definition of object-oriented programming.

Object Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE) is generally speaking a subset of Software Engineering (SE). OOSE includes all the SE Principles and it just specifies a focus on 'Object Oriented' architecture. It also implies the use of a programming language that supports object orientation (such as C++, Java, etc).

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Object-oriented programming is a more recent subset of structured programming. Structured programming emphasized the need to align data structures with program structure, a concept that is formalized and carried much further in object-oriented programming. However, structured programming advocated hierarchical constraints on program structure that are incompatible with the event-driven, message-passing software architectures commonly implemented in the object-oriented style, today.

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Object oriented software development methodlogy is not as complex as structure development. It is very easy to debug the object oriented code as comparative.Object oriented methodology focuses on the representing the problem using several real world object and their behaviour. BUt structured programming uses the program in a logical structured in hierarchy ( top to buttom process). It is reliable to use the object oriented methodology because it can be maintain ,resuse and extend as comparative to that of structured programmng. Object oriented methodology uses several concepts such as encapsulation, inheritance , polymorphsm and message passing but structured used sequence selection and iteration. is better to use OOSD method to develop any software rather than SSD (structure software development ) to reduce the complexity. Thank you ..

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Object orientation is not a concept related to usefull ness, it is a concept totally related to the software design. When we focused on software design we went for object orientation.

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No. C is not object oriented. C++ is object oriented.

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No. C is not object-oriented, it is a procedural language.C++, while object-oriented, is not purelyobject-oriented. One of the requirements for a pure object-oriented language is that everything is an object. C++ still has primitive data types (int, long, double, etc.), and so is not purely object-oriented.

Object Pascal is the object-oriented derivative of Pascal. Pascal itself is not object-oriented.

The main features of C++ is its object-oriented aspects. Object-oriented languages allow you to represent anything as a software object. Object-oriented languages allow you to develop programs quicker and more efficiently and also add more security to your programs than procedural languages.

to create visual models of object-oriented software intensive system

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Object oriented concepts are a generalisation of the object oriented principals (encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction) without specifying a particular implementation of those principals. Object oriented programming is the application of those principals through an object oriented programming language.

What is object-oriented systems development

Conventional testing is the traditional approach to testing mostly done when water fall life cycle is used for development, while object oriented testing is used when object oriented analysis and design is used for developing enterprise software. Conventional testing focuses more on decomposition and functional approaches as opposed to object oriented testing, which uses composition. The three levels of testing (system, integration, unit) used in conventional testing is not clearly defined when it comes to object oriented testing. The main reason for this is that OO development uses incremental approach, while traditional development follows a sequential approach. In terms of unit testing, object oriented testing looks at much smaller units compared to conventional testing.

You do not need object oriented programming. Anything that can be programmed in an object oriented programming language can be programmed in C.

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