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How big was the largest alligator in the world?


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June 20, 2014 1:54PM

World's Largest Alligator

The 23' to 28' Texas alligator claim and picture(s) are not real, the picture either intentionally or accidentally uses forced perspective to appear larger than it is. By placing it in the foreground and the policeman of unknown size in the mid ground, made it look like larger than the 13 ft. 800+ lb. gator it was. Check out the related link for proof.

As it stands now, Alligator records are as follows:

  • World's longest/largest alligator - 1890 - caught in Marsh Island, Louisiana - 19'-2" * (weight officially unknown, but estimations range between 2,000 lbs. to 2,300 lbs.)
  • Biggest gator recorded in Texas - 14' 4" inches 900 lbs.(estimated weight/not official) (the gator you see was not the biggest.)
  • Biggest alligator caught in Alabama - 12 ft. 8" 675' lbs.
  • Longest Florida gator on record - 17' 5"
  • Heaviest alligator ever on official record - 1043 lbs - 1989 (just outside of Gainsville Fla.)
  • Reports of 1,032lb., 1,023 lbs., 1,007 lb. & 1,002 lb. Alligators have been confirmed and documented/recorded

Check out the related links for references and more information on the subject.