How can 208 be single phase?

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208 is single phase because there are only two conductors involved. There is only one way to look at them, one vs the other.

In a three phase system, there are three conductors (delta) or four conductors (wye).

Take the case of three conductors. Each phase is actually the relationship between two conductors, A-B, B-C, and C-A. Take any one away, and you are left with one phase, not two.

Take the case of four conductors. Each phase is the relationship between two conductors, just like before, except that one of those conductors is a common neutral. As a result, the three phases are A-N, B-N, and C-N. Take one away, and you have two phases, but the neutral is now unbalanced.

208 is a special case of a wye connection. Instead of neutral being the common secondary of three Transformers, each with 240 available with respect to neutral, neutral is the center tap of one transformer, and there are three hot legs, A, B, and C. A and B are 120 volts away from neutral, and they are 240 volts away from each other.

Stop and think. Considering only the A/B transformer, this is the same as 120/240 split phase as used in residential power in the US and Canada.

Now, add the third phase, C. C is 240 volts away from A, and also 240 volts away from B. You can connect a three phase delta load across A, B, and C, and it will work just fine. You simply cannot use neutral for anything because it is not in the center of the phase triangle.

Do the math (vector math, that is) and you discover that C is 208 volts away from neutral. (120 times tangent 60 = 208) So, if you connect a load between C and Neutral, you get 208 volts.

Interestingly, this 208 phase is actually not in phase with any of the three primary phases AB, BC, or CA. It is halfway between A and B.

To understand this, go back to Fourier Analysis. The sum of two sine waves of the same frequency is simply another sine wave, though with a different amplitude. The phase angle of those two sine waves does not matter - you still get one sine wave out, therefore you get one phase on 208.

Now, does that mean you could have 208 three phase? Certainly. You would need to center tap the other two secondaries, BC and CA, and load the center taps against the opposing high "or wild", as its called phase. Of course, two of those three center taps could not be grounded, so it is not cost effective to do so.

This configuration, three phase 240, with one phase 120/240 split, and 208, is known as quadraplex, and is a cost effective solution to providing three phase power at the same time as traditional 120/240 split phase power, to a small business.

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Q: How can 208 be single phase?
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Can 208 volt be single phase?


How do you convert 230v to 208 volts single phase?

230 v to 208 v single phase is done most conveniently with an autotransformer.

What is a 100 amp 208 single phase?

That is 20.8 kVa but a 208 v single phase supply is very rare. 208 v is usually three-phase, with 120v between neutral and the live wires.

How do you measure 120 208 voltage in a circuit?

Single phase or three phase? 120/208 would be measured hot to ground for 120 and hot to hot (phase to phase) for the 208 reading. Any hot to ground will read 120 and any two phases together will read 208.

How single phase 208 works without a netural?

208 Volts is a three phase configuration. two legs of the three phases is 208 volts. If the equipment says it will work on 208 volt, it might not need a neutral.

What is 208 volt single phase?

120v/208v y 3phase gives 208 v between phases or 120v to neutral any 2 hot wires give 208v single phase

Can you convert 208 volt single phase to 230 volt single phase?

yes it can be done by using a 1 phase trnsformer with proper turns ratio in this case it would ideally be 208:230 but in real situations we will have to for 208:x (where x>230) this is due to leakage flux and voltage drop due to resistance of the coils

Is 120V single phase and 208V three phase?

Yes, 120 volts is single phase, being one leg to ground (neutral) of a 208 volt three phase wye connected distribution system. These connection are used in apartment buildings in North America. The service is stated as 120/208 volts. The 120 volts is derived from the three phase leg to leg voltage, 208/1.73 = 120 volts.

What would the amperage be if its 480 volt 100 amp 3 phase and you convert it to 120 208 volt single phase?


How do you get 208vac single phase?

A source of 208 volts can be obtained from any two legs of a three phase four wire 208 volt system. The two legs are classed as single phase 208 volts. The lead tags can be L1-L2, L2-L3, or L3-L1 all of which will give you 208 volts. Any of these lead tags to the grounded star point (wye) will give you 120 volts.

What is the difference between single phase and three phase voltage measurement?

Phasing, or the number of phases in an electrical system has nothing to do with the voltage. A single phase and three phase supply could have a voltage supply of any given voltage from virtually 0 to infinity. Most single phase power supplies in the US are 120/208-240 volt. Three phase power supplies are typically 120/208 to 277/480 volt.

What is the equivalent to135A single phase at three phase 208V?

135 A at 120 v single-phase is 16.2 kVA. With a 208 v three-phase supply you get three single-phase 120 v supplies, so the same kVA is produced with a balanced load of 45 amps on each phase.

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