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How can HIV be cured?

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There is no known cure for HIV nor AIDS at the moment. There are a lot of different kind of meds you must take daily to treat it, and nobody has found a cure for it. It can be fatal without treatment. If you take pills every day you can keep the HIV "virus load" very low and you can probably remain healthy.

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In order to answer this, it is important that we understand the difference between HIV and AIDS.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is an incurable virus that can cause a life-threatening condition called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). There is no immediate prospect of HIV becoming curable. AIDS is a syndrome (a collection of symptoms / illnesses) caused by the most advanced stages of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection.

AIDS is not an illness as such, but a person is said to have developed AIDS when their immune system is so badly damaged by HIV that it can no longer fight off a range of defined opportunistic infections. There is no known cure for HIV; so, although there are combinations of potent drugs that can help to keep the virus under control, none of them can completely get rid of the infection. In terms of CDC reporting, AIDS is an incurable condition .. BUT in that context AIDS simply means that a patient is HIV-positive AND has at some point either had a CD4 count below 200 per µL of blood, or has suffered from one of twenty or so AIDS-defining illnesses (it certainly does not mean that they are currently ill - and is therefore, in isolation, meaningless in terms of conveying a patient's current condition). With the exception of HIV itself, ALL the conditions / illnesses that lead to an AIDS diagnosis are potentially curable .. so whether or not you regard the condition of AIDS as being curable will very much depend on the exact definition you are employing, to what purpose the definition is being put and what country you are diagnosed in (the CDC definition is purely there for reporting purposes and is by no means a universal definition - indeed, very many countries no longer even use the term AIDS).

NOTE: Although HIV can be treated, it should be stressed that the drugs that are used are only fully effective in 80% of patients, are extremely expensive, all have unwelcome side effects, rely on a better than 95% accuracy in taking the correct doses at the correct time, are lifestyle limiting and still rely on you adopting a commonsense approach to keeping healthy. The drugs are not a quick fix solution and are not an excuse for complacency.

There is no cure as of yetAlthough there is no known cure for HIV and no vaccine exists, recent advancements in HIV treatment can delay the onset of AIDS and improve longevity. There's a ton of research working on it as we speak. Also, therapy has improved to the point that you can control the symptoms for a very long time if you assiduously follow the protocol.
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How is HIV cured?

There is currently no cure for HIV. It can only be treated, not cured.

Can HIV be cured in the window period?

HIV can't be cured in the window period.

Can STDs be cured by HIV and herpes?

No. Having other stds doesn't cure HIV. HIV and herpes can be treated but not cured.

How hiv can be cured?

There is no cure at this time for HIV.

Can HIV be cured by homeopathy?

No; there is no cure for HIV infection.

How can HIV and AIDS be cured?

HIV/AIDS can't be cured because once you get it it won't go away.

Can herpes simplex 2 be cured and is it related to HIV?

HSV type 2 can't be cured & it is not related to HIV.

Can HIV be cured if caught early enough?

No, there is no cure for HIV infection.

Do you believe hiv can be cured?


Can HIV be cured with zidovudine (AZT)?

HIV can not be cured by any medicine at the moment. The medicines for it are NOT a cure, they simply repress the symptoms of the disease.

Was anyone been cured from HIV?


How long might it take the body to develop antibodies to HIV after being infected?

There are no antibodies against HIV, HIV cannot be cured or Vaccine, though it can be prevented by these ways: Use a Condom during sex, don't share needles, don't touch anything with other peoples blood on them. But HIV can't be cured or Vaccine, HIV causes the AIDS Virus (which also can't be cured or vaccines) but people living with HIV can be treat with medication, and this will help you live a normal life with HIV.

Where in India can HIV be cured?

There is no current cure for HIV. See the related question(s) for more info.

Does Magic Johnson still have HIV?

Yes, there is still no cure for HIV.Magic Johnson has not been cured of HIV infection.Yes, Magic is still HIV positive.

Can HIV be cured with herbals?

No, HIV (which you probably mean, HIV +) can not be cured with herbals. You know why? Because there is NO cure yet for HIV+, even with medicine. BUt being HIV+ does not mean you will get AIDS. There are very good medicines today that will help people who are HIV+ live long, healthy lives. Herbals are a good, big part of helping someone with HIV+ live a long and healthy life, but they can not make the HIV+ go away.

Can AIDS be cured and with what?

Currently, there is no cure for AIDS or the HIV virus.

What or who cured diabetes?

In my opinion, diabetes can be cured in Ayurveda in India by Nadi (nerve) Panchkarma, a unique treatment in which all diseases can be cured even HIV.

Can HIV be cure?

No.HIV it is not curable.YOu can get medicaments that will proleng your life but HIV can be cured or totally eradiceted by human body.

Can HIV be cured with AZT?

No. AZT is a medicine that when used in a combination with other HIV drugs can be be part of effective treatment.

What is the chance of being cured if you contract HIV?

currently you CAN'T be cured. But with the proper medication the diesase can be kept from making you sick.

Why you cannot get better from Hiv?

You can get better with treatment. But it can't be cured... yet.

How are HIV infection and AIDS treated?

yes it can bot not cured i think.

Can aids get cured?

No - there are drugs that can control the symptoms of HIV/AIDS but there is no cure

Why can't HIV be cured?

HIV cannot be cured yet. The reason for this is because the virus keeps changing. For example: Scientists find a cure for it but in 24 hours it will stop working because the Virus has changed

Why HIV is not cured?

HIV can't be cured because it is a virus, and the only way virus's are destroyed is by the immune system, and because HIV kills the immune systems helper T cells which tell the immune system where there is an infection and that HIV takes over a cell, the virus cannot be stopped with today's medical technology.