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How can I contact Steven Spielberg?

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Where is steven spielberg from?

steven spielberg was born in Cincinnati (Ohio)

How can you contact Steven Spielberg?

mr.spielberg@gmail.comHope this helps. Best of luck to you!

What do you think about Steven Spielberg?

I think steven spielberg is totally awesome !

How do you contact Steven Spielberg?

try to get in contact with Dreamwork Pictures first. That's the company he works for. Then if your idea is good enough the operator will automatically hand you over to Spielberg.

What is the birth name of Steven Spielberg?

Steven Spielberg's birth name is Steven Allan Spielberg.

Did Steven Spielberg die?

As of March 2012, Steven Spielberg is alive and well.

Who makes better movies Steven Spielberg or James Cameron?

steven spielberg

When was Steven Spielberg born?

Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946.

How many films has Steven Spielberg directed?

Steven Spielberg has directed 27 movies

What actors and actresses appeared in Steven Spielberg and the Small Screen - 2004?

The cast of Steven Spielberg and the Small Screen - 2004 includes: Steven Spielberg as himself

How many movies exactly did Steven Spielberg create?

Steven Spielberg has directed 16 movies.

Why was Hook significant to Steven Spielberg?

To my knowledge Steven Spielberg never particularly cared for Hook.

When did Steven Spielberg create Star Wars?

George Lucas created Star Wars, not Steven Spielberg

How old is Steven Spielberg?

Steven Spielberg is 71 years old (birthdate: December 18, 1946).

Where did Steven Spielberg live?

Spielberg was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What actors and actresses appeared in Spielberg on Spielberg - 2007?

The cast of Spielberg on Spielberg - 2007 includes: Steven Spielberg as himself

What is Steven Spielberg's religion?

Steven Spielberg is a Jew!

Does Steven Spielberg have a brother?


Does Steven Spielberg have autism?


Does Steven Spielberg have Alzheimers?


Is steven spielberg gay?


When did steven spielberg make Shrek?

Steven Spielberg was an un-credited executive producer of Shrek which opened in 2001.

Does Steven Spielberg have any animals?

To my knowledge Steven Spielberg had a Labrador which has since passed and also keeps horses.

When did Steven Spielberg move to California?

Steven Spielberg move to California with his father around 1965 after his parents divorce.

What is Steven Spielberg's contact information?

Steven Spielberg Amblin Entertainment, Inc. 100 Universal City Plaza Building 477 Universal City, CA 91608 USA Steven Spielberg DreamWorks Animation, Llc. 1000 Flower Street Glendale, CA 91201 USA

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