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There are many ways no doubt people have tried to keep the squirrels off feeders. My friend finally purchased a bird feeder with a rechargeable battery that twirls fast whenever a squirrel tries to get on it -- the twirling is set off by weight. The little birds can sit on the rim with no problem, fully enjoying their seeds and the squirrels now have to be content with waiting on the ground for dropped seeds lest they want to get really dizzy or be flipped off. It is called a "Yankee Flipper". A Google search would lead you to many resources for this feeder. It didn't take very long for the feeder to pay for itself from the money saved on bird seed now being used just for the birds instead of feasts for the squirrels.

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How do you keep squirrels off your birdfeeders?

There are guards that you can buy to protect against them. They are relatively cheap.

How can you help birds in winter?

build birdhouses or put out birdfeeders

Four birdfeeders are filled equally with three quarts of birdseed what fraction did each feeder get?


How do you keep squirrels from coming to your birdfeeders and lawn?

Keep Squirrels Out of BirdfeedersSquirrels are extremely inventive and persistent and can figure out most feeders. Go to a bird specialty store and look for squirrel proof feeders and talk to the store people about how they work. Also, if you put safflower seed only in the feeders, you will attract a lot of birds, but aquirrels don't like them. Everyone loves black oil sunflower seed, so if it is out, it'll be eaten! I have a tube feeler with a very heavy cage around it that allows the smaller birds to get in and feed at the feed ports. The squirrels absolutley can't get in, but will hunt for seeds on the ground. Droll Yankee and others companies make these and they are quite good. Droll Yankee will replace free any parts for the life of the feeder as well. The short answer is that the squirrels won't ever stop completely, but you can slow them down. You can also put out corn just for them, away from your feeders. Good luck! There are a few brands of bird seed with chilli powder or "hot stuff" in it. Squirrels and just about every other mammals will not like it. It doesn't work idefinitely, but by the time a squirrel would build up a tolerance it won't be interested in that bird feeder anymore.You can put a PVC pipe for a pole and put your feeder on top, but you must make it pretty high. Put vaseline all over the PVC pipe. It will keep the squirrels from climbing.

When do the Wild Birds come to the birdfeeders?

Some come to feeders in the morning others at night. They will also come when they are hungry.

Do grey squirrels eat red squirrels?

No, grey squirrels don't eat red squirrels.

What are the different kinds of squirrels?

These are the types of squirrels: *Fox Squirrels *Eastern Grey Squirrels *Western Grey Squirrels *Red Squirrels *Flying Squirrels *California Ground Squirrels Prairie Dogs may or may not be a part of the squirrel family. Hope this helps! :)

What is the correct collective noun for squirrels?

The collective nouns are a dray of squirrels, a scurry of squirrels, or a colony of squirrels.

Are fox squirrels bigger than grey squirrels?

yes .Fox squirrels are bigger than grey squirrels

Do squirrels live in groups?

Most squirrels do such as flying squirrels and coupe squirrels. i dont know many others than that.

Are flying squirrels tree squirrels?

Yes, Flying squirrels live in trees.

Can squirrels eat cheese?

Yes, squirrels can eat cheese.and other squirrels

What is a squirrels environmental threats?

Do you mean what are threats to squirrels or what affect do squirrels have on the environment??

Why do squirrels have fur?

Why do squirrels have fur?

How do squirrels attract other squirrels?

squirrels atrract other squirrels by fighting with a male. the one who wins is the one who gets the female.

Are flying squirrels related to red squirrels?

No, flying squirrels are real but they are not actual squirrels. They are a different species with the same name. Thanks!

Do squirrels have momanddad?

Squirrels are mammals, so yes the baby squirrels do have mothers and fathers.

Can squirrels see?

Yes, squirrels have sight. The exception being for squirrels that were born blind.

What is the habitat of the yellow titmouse?

Titmice live in wooded areas. They often live close to humans and will come to birdfeeders to eat seeds.

What are the best ways to work bird feeders and houses into outdoor decor?

It is good to make sure that the birdfeeders match the house color.

Do red squirrels bite grey squirrels scrotum's?

No. Where the grey and red squirrels intermingle, the red squirrels tend to be pushed out by the larger greys.

Why is the collective noun for squirrels a dray?

Yes, a dray of squirrels is the collective noun. Other collective nouns are: a scurry of squirrels a colony of squirrels.

Are squirrels omnivores?

Yes, squirrels are omnivores.

What do squirrels drink?

Squirrels drink water.

Does squirrels eat caterpillar?

ground squirrels do