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How can I eliminate squirrels from my birdfeeders?

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2007-07-01 14:03:24

There are many ways no doubt people have tried to keep the

squirrels off feeders. My friend finally purchased a bird feeder

with a rechargeable battery that twirls fast whenever a squirrel

tries to get on it -- the twirling is set off by weight. The little

birds can sit on the rim with no problem, fully enjoying their

seeds and the squirrels now have to be content with waiting on the

ground for dropped seeds lest they want to get really dizzy or be

flipped off. It is called a "Yankee Flipper". A Google search would

lead you to many resources for this feeder. It didn't take very

long for the feeder to pay for itself from the money saved on bird

seed now being used just for the birds instead of feasts for the


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