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Q: How can I finish my GED and get my high school diploma?
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How can a 17 year old get a high school diploma if you can't go back and you do not want a GED?

The only way to get an actual diploma is to finish school. If you do not want to get a GED, then you will have to go to some school somewhere and finish.

What do you need to do to get into Northeastern College?

i think the answer is a High school diploma or a GED. i think the answer is a High school diploma or a GED.

Can you get a high school diploma after dropping out of school?

Yes you can. You can get your GED which is similar to a high school diploma.

Is an online high school diploma considered a ged?

No, an online high school diploma may prepare you for a GED. The GED is a specific test that is an equivalency to high school level education.

Can you receive a high school diploma after you get a GED?


Can I get a real high school diploma from an online GED course?

It wouldn't be an actual diploma from your high school , but most GED programs do offer a diploma that is accepted as much as one from your high school.

How do you graduate from college without graduating from high school?

You don't. No real college will take you without a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) Finish high school.

Can you have GED and a diploma?

It is possible to go back for your high school diploma after receiving a GED, yes. Once you get the diploma, the GED becomes invalid.

Is the online GED profs website a legit site?

Looks ok to me, the website actually advertises high school diploma programs. It does not offer a GED, because GED cannot be offered by a high school and obviously GED is not a high school diploma. What the website is trying to say is that with little effort and time you can get an accredited high school diploma instead of a GED which has comparatively less value than a high school diploma

Can you get your high school diploma at 37?

no It depends if you dropped out of high school. If you did, then go on the internet or to the library and ask people where can I go get my GED. A GED is similar to the high school diploma

Can you join the marines with a GED and a trade school diploma?

you need a high school diploma

How to I get a GED high school diploma?

The fastest way to get your GED diploma is to study online. ... GED classes and an online GED study test makes learning high school skills easy and simple.

Do you need a high school diplomia or a GED to get into culinary school?

Yes. Either a GED or high school diploma is needed.

Can you get a CDL if you don't have a high school diploma or GED?


How do you get in college with out GED and high school diploma?

You don't

How can a person obtain a high school diploma or GED?

by attending high school

If you dropped out from your high school can you still get your diploma from your high school later on?

You can take the GED test which is the same as a high school diploma.

What is devrys Entrance Requirements?

High school diploma... GED... you have to have at least your GED...

Is it better to get high school diploma or GED?

High School Diploma. When Employers look at your diploma and they see that you completed school and gave fourth more effort. When they see a GED they see that you gave up and were lazy about high school.

HOW DO you exchange your GED for a high school diploma?

A GED is an equivalent of a Hig School Dipploma. It is not exchangable.

What does it mean when a university says High School diploma required GED accepted?

High school graduation required, but if you did not graduate from high school but got a GED instead they will accept that in place of a high school diploma.

Is a GED good?

Although usually not as highly regarded as a high school diploma, a GED is better than no diploma certifying a high school level of education.

Is a high school diploma required for nurses aide training?

Yes, a high school diploma is required to be a nurses aid. If she did not finish high school, she should go through the process of getting her GED so she can become what she wants to be.

What is the equivalent to a high school diploma?

In the US it is a GED or General Education Diploma

Do you need a high school diploma to join the National Guard?

Diploma or GED.