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High school graduation required, but if you did not graduate from high school but got a GED instead they will accept that in place of a high school diploma.

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Q: What does it mean when a university says High School diploma required GED accepted?
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Related questions

Can I get a high school diploma online and still be accepted to an accredited university?

As long as your GED is from an accreddited source it will be sufficient for you to be accepted into a university if you are accepted. Before you apply to a school make sure you call and ask that question,

What are the High School college preparation courses required for admission for the University of Cincinnati?

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OhioHigh School PreparationHigh School diploma required, GED accepted Required units: 16 totalElectives2English4Foreign Language2Math3Science2Social Studies2Recommended units:History1Math4Science3

Can you go to college with a belford high school diploma?

In the united states you need either a high school diploma or a GED to get into a college. Accredited high school diploma are accepted by most colleges in the United States. However, a high school diploma alone is not the guarantee of admission. Each university and college has their own selection criteria.

University of Phoenix high school requirements?

University of PhoenixPhoenix, ArizonaHigh School PreparationHigh School diploma required, GED accepted

Can you stay on campus with a GED?

Yes. Virtually no College or University requires a High School Diploma or GED to be accepted for study. Most applicants that are accepted to Colleges or Universities are accepted during their Senior year before they graduate. Some College or University students begin as 'early entrants', meaning they begin their studies after 1, 2, or 3 years of High School without ever earning a High School diploma or GED.

Is woodfield high school an accredited school and is their high school diploma accepted by colleges and universities?

Colleges and universities do accept accredited diplomas however the acceptance of this diploma in your application is just the acceptance of your application for review, having a school diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college or university, whether it is woodfield or anyother school.

Can you get a ba degree without having a high school diploma?

If you can get accepted into a college or university, you have the possibility of getting a B.A. It is up to the college whether to accept a GED or some other documentation in place of a high school diploma.

Can your use a woodfield high school diploma to enter brown mackie collage?

Isn't it the students profile that gets him into a university? & just like any other institution offering high school diploma program, WoodField diploma is accepted everywhere too.

Is diploma accepted into the university?

Your question makes no sence. What kind of diploma into what kind of university andd to what end? If you mean, will a high school diploma get me into a university, then perhaps. Most US universities require ACT/SAT scores and, if English is not your native tongue, TOEFL. Also, most schools require a transcript...

How does one apply for Louisburg College?

One may apply for Louisburg College by filling out an admissions form. A high school diploma is typically required but some may be accepted with a diploma if they show high potential.

What is the qualification should i have before joining a film school?

No qualifications are required to join a film school, unless the school is part of a larger university, in which case, you'll need a high school diploma.

Can I get a real high school diploma from an online GED course?

It wouldn't be an actual diploma from your high school , but most GED programs do offer a diploma that is accepted as much as one from your high school.

Is there a high school diploma required to become a registered nurse?

Yes, you need to graduate from high school in order to attend college. Once in college, you need to earn a respectable GPA in order to get accepted into Nursing School.

What are the requirements for getting accepted into Northwood University?

In order to get accepted into Northwoods University, a student must have a high school diploma or GED. Grades are also taken into consideration as well as how the student performed on the SAT. Extracurricular activities, community involvement and work experience are also considered.

How can a person earn a high school diploma?

A high school diploma is earned by attending high school for four years and completing the required number of credits required by each state. Another method of earning a high school diploma is through the G.E.D program.

Does the army help you get your high school diploma?

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enter the US Army.

Do you need a high school diploma for the US Army?

A high school diploma is required to enlist in the US Army.

How do you get a diploma?

First, you graduate from high school with high enough grades to be accepted to the college. Then, you take whichever courses are required to earn the degree you want, and pass those classes. Once you get enough credit earned, you'll receive your diploma.

Can you get a college diploma with out a high school diploma or a GED?

Fill out applications to colleges, get some interviews, and hope you are accepted.

Can the diploma from woodfield high school work at hcc?

Accredited academic credentials get accepted everywhere, since they are recognized by a proper accreditation agency. Woodfield offers accredited high school diploma, so I don't think you will have any problem applying for a job or admission in community college or a state university. But remember that your diploma is not the guarantee that you will definitely get admission.

How do you get in to a university?

To get into a university, you would need education. And a high school diploma.

Is McHill High School diploma accepted for any colleges?


Will Nation High school online diploma be accepted by the US navy?

I don't know about US navy but my brother recently joined local PD and they accepted his diploma. I think they will look for accreditation for your school and since it is accredited, you will be accepted. This is how it worked out for my bro… just wanted to share.

Do you need a high school diploma to be an army rainger?

You're required to have a high school diploma or a GED to enlist into the Army.

How do you get a college diploma?

First, you graduate from high school with high enough grades to be accepted to the college. Then, you take whichever courses are required to earn the degree you want, and pass those classes. Once you get enough credit earned, you'll receive your diploma.