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I imagine if you are going to an auto repair shop they should do break repairs. but to double check get the number of the auto repair shop before you go and call. hope I could help out

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Q: How can I keep the cost of auto repair down?
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If an auto adjuster states that certain damage to your car is not accident-related who can you appeal to?

Have the body shop, make an evaluation and send that to the adjusters supervisor, Insurance Adjusters are given bonuses to keep your repair cost down

If I were in an accident and the other driver is faulted there insurance provider has paid the claim do I need to have the auto repair done or can I keep the money?

You can keep the money. You don't have to repair the car.

Where can one find auto insurance for teens?

Many different auto insurance companies offer discount policies to help keep the cost down for teens added to your insurance. Nationwide offers teen auto insurance programs and you can find a quote on their website.

What is the best way to keep the cost of dentures down?

The best way to keep the cost of dentures down is to have them all done at the same time arrangment

How much will it cost the repair brakes for 2002 cadillac dts?

When owning a car, it is important to keep track of repair costs. The cost to repair the brakes in this car will run from $20 to $60+ depending on the shop and the brand of the part.

How can I repair my car windows?

You can go to an auto repair shop or a mechanic to fix this problem. They will fix your window and also tell you how to keep it maintained to work properly if you ask them.

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What websites have useful information on beginner's home auto repair?

The site I have always used is they will have all the information you need for do-it-yourself auto servicing to keep the price low.

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It may have an auto-boot function.

Auto Maintenance Repair?

form_title=Auto Maintenance Repair form_header=Keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and running smoothly. Let us help you find an auto technician to service your vehicle. Have you made repairs on this vehicle before?= () Yes () No How long since your last oil change?=_ Do you regularly maintain your vehicle?= () Yes () No

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