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You have a haunted car

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Why is my playstation 3 switching itself off I was playing Fallout New Vegas when it switched itself off and it did the same thing 3 times in the same place Is it my game or console?

I believe that is a crash from overload.

What mean of starting device adds to the cost of the motor?

If a motor cannot be blindly switched on, in other words a control system for switching the motor on is required, then it will cost more than just the motor by itself.

What is difference between packet switching frame switching and cell switching?

Packet Switching refers to the transfering of the packet from 1 node to the other. Where as Cell Switching ,means the switching of a cell from 1 network to the other. Pls note that Packet and Cells are 2 different forms. Packet itself has header and pay load and but Packets are variable in size unlike cells which are fix. When packets are switched, the Packet Switch is used and that Switch looks for the next hop in its routing or forwarding table but when a cell is switched, ATM switches are used and the cells actually carry the data and the header and travels from 1 ATM switch to the other. The ATM switches donot use the complex method as Packet Switches use.

Who was the original author of the quote A face forgets itself Some of us wander off Others hold on and occasionally someone breaks loose walks out of his life becomes luminous?

Michael Delp

What is magnesium's original name?

It's original name is magnesium itself which is derived from word 'magnesia'.

What does the diamondback use its venom for?

A diamondback rattlesnake uses its venom to kill its prey and, occasionally, to defend itself.

To mutiply a number by itself?

You have squared the original number. The original number is now the square of the new quotient.

Can you get a burn by switching from faucet to spray?

Its not changing from faucet to spray itself that burns, but the temperature of the water and where your body part is in relation to the water.

How does the media conduct itself?

In the manner most likely to increase the return to the shareholders, occasionally tempered by journalistic ethics.

How does the BIOS maintain its memory when the computer is switched off?

The BIOS itself is stored in ROM which does not require any power to maintain its contents. The BIOS setting are stored in a very low power CMOS SRAM with a battery to keep it powered up even when the computer itself is switched off (the BIOS does nothing to maintain this, it is done in the hardware).

Does a dog shake from head to tail occasionally to make itself feel better or to freshen itself up or is it just instinct or observed behavior for a dog to behave that way?


What is a value that can be multiplied by itself to give the original whole number?

A square root is multiplied by itself to get a given whole number.

What is a Redundant Question?

A question that answers itself within the original question.

What is a number is the value that when multiplied by by itself gives the original number?


Would a copyright be on an original Picasso?

Picasso's original works would be protected by copyright, but he did not print the notification on the work itself.

What is mean by specimen signature?

Specimen signature means your signature itself . It is a copy of the original. It is used for verifying and comparing with the original

What is the value obtained by multiplying a number by itself?

It is the square of the original number. If the original number represents a length, then the square of the original number represents an area of a square with side equal to the original number.

Switching off calculator without off key?

On a regular calculator, you just leave it it will off itself. On a scientific calculator, press shift AC.

How do you know when an I pod touch needs to be charged?

When the battery icon in the top right hand corner has turned red or the itouch has switched itself off

The trunk button don't work of a 2001 infiniti i-30?

Check inside the trunk itself. There is a latch on the locking mechanism itself; sometimes it is accidentally switched and when it is in a certain position, it will not unlock unless you do so manually.

Are turtles scavengers?

Mostly no. Turtles will occasionally scavenge food when the opportunity presents itself, but mostly they eat plants and small animals.

Does Makemake have eclipses?

Yes. A moon was recently discovered in orbit around Makemake, so it would occasionally eclipse Makemake itself.

What do you call a number that when multiplied by itself results in the original number?

The identity element.

Installed one outlet in basement on a breaker and you get shocked when you touch the metal of things plugged into it or the metal outlet box itself Why?

maybe you have the hot and the neutral switched...

How do fish repair their scales?

In the same way your skin repairs itself. It has evolved genetically to be able to repair the external damage that happens occasionally.