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How do you know how much money Mexicans get back on taxes?

Is the question refer to Illegal Mexican workers? If so they are allowed to claim the additional child tax credit for each child.

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Q: How can Mexicans get so much money back on taxes?
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How much will I get back in taxes from medical expenses?

You won't get money back in taxes, you will get to subtract your medical expenses from your taxes. This will lower the amount of taxes you pay.

How much money do you get back on taxes for children?

how much do you get back for children during tax seasons

How much money can you get back in income taxes for a one year old?

How much can you get back For a 1year old

How much money will you get back for logged gas mileage for your taxes?

How do u got the money back from the gas co.?

How much money do you get back in taxes for being a college student?

There are other factors, such as how much you earned, whether someone can claim you as a dependent and how much money was withheld.

How much money do you get bck for a child from taxes?

If you file head of household, you get back around $ 4,000.

Is filing taxes online faster?

Yes, it is much faster and also you will get your money back quicker. If you do your taxes online you will be able to get it direct deposited.

Should the US stop immigration?

yes, because all the illegal Mexicans are taking our jobs because they will work for less money!! They also don't have to pay much taxes so we pretty much pay their taxes to go to school and to see doctors :}

Do rich people get money back on tax returnes?

Yes, depending on how much they paid in taxes. IE Obama is getting back about 25K this year...he and his wife maid about 800K. They paid a great portion in taxes and therefore they are owed money back.

How much money do Mexicans make an hour?

It depends on the job they have. Not all Mexicans make the same. That's like asking how much money do white people or black people make an hour

How can you see how much money you get back from taxes?

You complete your return and look at the "bottom line" is something YOU do, not someone else!

How much money will be taken out of your paycheck in PA for taxes?

It will be about $1,259 for taxes $2.45.

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