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If I had to wager a guess, I'd say it was from tourist revenue.

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Q: How can Southern Mexico afford resorts and museums?
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Do they give gifts in Mexico at Christmas?

no,they cant afford it

What is the economic impact of tourism on Mexico?

They can afford more chimichangas

Where can I find rare works of tile glazed by Picasso?

In museums mostly, most work by Picasso is fabulously expensive, you couldn't afford it if you wanted to buy it.

What percentage of southern families did not own slaves?

49% Because some could not afford it

Do people still tip?

Yes, most people still tip (called: gratuities) as waiters; waitress', etc., count on the tips in many restaurants or service orientated places such as hotels and resorts.A good rule of thumb: if you can't afford to tip 20%, you can't afford to eat out.

Did people in the southern colonies eat wheat?

Yes, but slaves and poor Europeans could not afford it. The rich ate it.

Why is Australia the only south hemisphere to host the Olympic games?

It's the only southern hemisphere country that can afford to!

Why did small southern farmers resent the confederacy's draft law?

Because wealthy southern males could pay to have a substitute to take their place in the army. Whereas, small southern farmers could not afford the luxury of escaping military service.

Who goes to school in Mexico?

kids that can afford to pay to go if u are a poor child u cannot go to school

How do you use masterwork in a sentence?

Masterwork is a noun which means a large and important work of art, music, or literature, a masterpiece. Example sentence: Most small museums of art can't afford the price of a masterwork for display.

Are there good schools in Mexico?

Schools' in Mexico are good, but most kids drop out because they can't afford to stay in that school. Also there are about 70 kids per classroom, so it's pretty packed.

How do you summon the court to get help in resolving unpaid traffic tikets that you cannot afford?

move to Mexico their to lazy to hand out traffic tickets down there

Is Mexico technologically advanced?

Compared to many nations, Mexico is technologically advanced. However, compared to others like South Korea, Japan, and the United States, it is not. The nation has some technological infrastructure and most have access to the Internet if they can afford it.

What does suggested price mean at museums?

I live in New York City, which is home to Museum Mile. Suggested means just what it says. This is our suggestion to you for all the things you will experience today. However if you can't afford to pay the amount you can pay for whatever you want. I take my children to the Bronx Zoo in New York City on Wed. because that is the day when the admission is "suggested". I give them a $1 for each of us. When ordering tickets to Museums online, you are consenting to paying the suggested amount. Where as if you went to the museum your suggestion may only be a $1. And that is fine with them. The main thing for Museums is to give access to everyone. And not everyone can afford to spend $15 per person for the museum. They also need money to fund their programs, that's why they "suggest".

How do you use afford in a sentence?

You can't afford to not know how to use afford in a sentence.

Why do many children of southern Africa develop illnesses?

Many children of Southern Africa develop illnesses because they lack medical assistance and medication. This is because South Africa is known as an area of poverty, and they simply cannot afford the medical advancements that the US has.

Is afford a verb?

Yes, afford is a verb.

What is the purpose of family reunion by Sylvia Plath?

she wants to go to mexico but she has to have some dough to afford the trip. by reuniting her family she will try to ask for some money from family members

Can Mexico citizens afford to buy food?

Most of them do. However, this "food" has a high amount of calories but very poor nutritional value. As such, 13.6% of the population is considered to suffer from malnutrition.

What is a sentence for afford?

I cannot afford a house that big.Maybe I can afford it in a few years.

Where were the most popular holiday resorts in the 1930s?

* Foreign travel was less common (and much more expensive) than now. * In Britain and many other countries seaside holidays were very popular. In England, for example, places like Torquay, Borunemouth, Blackpool, Skegness, Great Yarmouth, Clacton and a host of smaller resorts were enormously popular. * For those who could afford it, Switzerland, the south of France and many places in Italy - such as Rome, Venice, Florence - were popular.

What do students in Mexico wear to school?

In many schools, they wear uniforms, but not all. In some schools, they simply wear the most appropriate clothes that they can afford, much like in the United States.

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