Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

How can a 15- year old legally leave home in Alabama?


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They would have to have parental permission. Another method would be to get a court order.

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No, a 17 year old teenager can not legally leave home in the state of Kansas. When the teen turns 18, they may leave the parents home.

No, the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.

no, you have to be 18 legally to leave home home or be forced out of your own home

Yes, if you are 18, you are legally aloud to do anything within the law.

They can get their parents' permission to leave home. Or be removed by child protective serves.

In Alabama, an 18 year old male cannot leave home without permission and not go to jail. One has to be at least 19 years old to leave home without permission.

Legally, no. You can't legally move out until you are 18 years old.

yes you can leave home BUT only with parent consent or LEGAL emaciation.

Only with parental permission. If no permission you can leave at 18.

You can indeed ask you 18 year old child to leave your home. These individuals are legally adults that can take care of themselves.

right ,it's no safe to leave the child in home that they felt unsafe ,if you leave their in home, they will fell fear ,it will leave shadow on their heart and mind . == == No. You not feeling safe is obviously not enough to have you legally removed from your home. No. You not feeling safe is obviously not enough to have you legally removed from your home.

Not legally. They have to have parental permission or be emancipated.

Only with parental permission or a court order can a 16 year old move out of the parent or guardian's home legally.

They cannot do so legally. Unless they have parental permission.

{| |- | No they cannot leave without permission. The age of majority in Alabama is 19. Until that age, the parents determine where the minor lives. |}

No, if you leave home at age 17, the Police will not look for you because you are so close to being 18.

Not without parental consent since the age of majority is 19 in Alabama.

They could be returned to the home by the authorities. They may be taken to a shelter or foster home.

Can a 16 year old legally leave home without parents consent?

The age of majority in TX is 18. You cannot legally leave home prior to turning 18 unless you have your parents' permission or you have been emancipated.

The age of consent is 16 in Alabama. There won't be any issues legally.

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