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Body mutilation is against the teachings of Islam.

It is however done regardless of what your religion is and in Iran the government is even paying for it so they will not be homosexuals anymore because they changed their sex.

See link below for how the procedures are done.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-16 20:19:30
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Q: How can a Muslim boy become a Muslim girl?
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Can a Muslim boy marry a Hindu girl according to Quran?

No, a Muslim boy cannot marry a Hindu girl and yes, if the girl is agreed to become a

Hindu boy love Muslim girl?

The Hindu is asked to become Muslim. Muslim girl is not allowed to marry him unless he converts.

If Sikh girl become Muslim than its possible to marry with Muslim boy?

if he agrees to marry her and she is a proper, faithfull Muslim then yes!

Can a Nepalese girl Marry an Indian boy?

Sure they can with the only exception if the girl is Muslim and the Indian boy is non Muslim or the Indian boy is Muslim and the girl is neither Muslim nor Jewish no Christian.

Can a muslim boy kiss mesheya girl?

A Muslim boy can kiss a Muslim girl. I would wait until after your dating.

Can a Muslim girl keep relation with a converted Muslim boy?

outside of marriage, NO. a girl cannot marry a boy who is not Muslim. if he is converted it is allowed. a boy can only marry a girl who is a Jew or christian or Muslim. preferably Muslim of course.

Can an Indian girl marry a Nigerian boy?

Yes, they can if both are non Muslims. However, if the boy is Muslim he can marry the Indian girl only if she is Muslim, Christian, or Jewish. If the Indian girl is Muslim she can marry the boy only if he is Muslim.

Is Sikh girl marry Muslim boy?

Per Islam teachings, a Muslim boy couldn't marry a Sikh girl. He can marry only a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl.

Could a white boy marry a Muslim girl?

If I understood well the question, A white boy could marry a Muslim girl on condition that he should be Muslim.

Can a sikh girl marry a hindu or muslim boy?

By religious dictation a Sikh girl cannot marry a Hindu or Muslim boy.

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You are not allowed in Ramadan or off Ramadan; as Muslim boy; to have a non Muslim girl friend that you can practice with her sexual acts or sayings.

Do Muslim girls have to marry a Muslim boy?

Yes, a Muslim girl has to marry only a Muslim boy. She is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim boy. Refer to question below for more details.

How can Pakistani boy marry with Indian girl?

They marry according to country laws on conditions that; per Islam religion teachings:If the Pakistani boy is Muslim, He marries only the Indian girl that is Muslim, Christian, or Jewish.If the Indian girl is Muslim, she marries only a Muslim boy.

How does a girl become a boy?

A girl cannot become a boy. You were born a girl/boy, that's it. You're that for life.

Can a Muslim girl and a Muslim boy be togather before marriage?

It is haram (forbidden) for the Muslim girl and Muslim boy to be left alone in a room together, or car etc. It is also haram (forbidden) for the Muslim girl and Muslim boy to have sex, make out (as in kissing and touching each other sexually) before marriage. By doing this it is called zina (fornication).

Can a Druze girl date a Muslim boy?


Can a sunni married man can marry a unmarried marathi girl?

Muslim married boy or man can marry a unmarried Marathi girl, but that Marathi girl must a Muslim. If the girl is non-Muslim then she have to accept Islam. Than she can marry any married Muslim man or boy.Muslim man being married with four Muslim girl or woman at a time only.

Is Muslim girl marry to non Muslim boy treat as haram?

ts comepletly harram for a Muslim girl to marry a non beilever

Can a Muslim boy get married with christian girl according to Muslim culture what is poof?

Yes. The proof is Koran 5,5. It says a Moslem boy can marry with a Cristian girl or with a Hebrew girl.

Can a Muslim boy date a non Muslim girl without marridge?

no it is bad to Allah he is the Muslim god

Is it bad if a Muslim girl married to a Catholic boy?

yes, it is not only bad but is strictly forbidden. Per Islam teachings and rules, it is not allowed for a Muslim girl to get married to a non-Muslim boy (Jewish, Christian, Hindus, ...etc). She should get married only to a Muslim boy.

Can a Muslim boy fall in love with a Muslim girl?

yes but he can not have a relationship with her unless they are married.

Can the family of a non Muslim boy attend his marriage to a Muslim girl in the mosque?


How a Muslim boy marry a brahmin girl?

cant. only if she Muslim, Jew or christian.

Can a 13 year old muslim girl date an non-muslim boy?

No, she can't. Any sexual acts (oral or intercourse sex) outside marriage is strictly forbidden per Islam teachings and rules. The other important point is the Muslim girl is entitled to get married with only a Muslim boy. It is not allowed for a Muslim girl to get married with a non Muslim boy unless he converts to Islam.