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If the is just a Hub, It will not work. You need a router/hub. A router/hub combination allows you to connect to your ISP and link all computers within your home. The cost is cheap and the installation is simple. I recommend you to purchase a router/hub at your local computer, electronics store. Follow the simple directions and you will be operational in no time.

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Q: How can a PC Win2000 and laptop XP connect to the internet together using a hub?
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How do you connect a laptop to the Internet?

To connect to the internet you need to first buy an internet connection. You must then plug your internet cable into a modem. Finally you must have connection to the modem from your laptop, most computers will automatically connect to the internet if the hardware is in place.

Need to download drivers on laptop but got no internet can you connect to PC and download them from that?

Connect a router lead from your internet box (if you have one) to your laptop.

How to connect laptop to another laptop for internet?

No matter what, the answer is... YOU CAN'T.

i already have internet thru my cable i have a laptop wireless and i want to add my laptop to my internet?

Just get a wireless 802.11 adapter for the laptop to connect to the internet.

I have cable for main computer.How do I get internet to my laptop.?

Subscribe to an ISP for internet such as IVC Telecom and then connect your laptop to the modem with an ethernet cable or connect wirelessly using wifi, assuming your laptop has a wireless network card.

If you buy laptop with wireless enableed will it connect wireles router or does lap top need wifi?

If you have a router (connected to internet), and you get a laptop with wireless enabled you do not need anything else. You can connect your laptop to the router and have internet on your laptop.

You want to connect your laptop to internet whihc is already been used by your PC?

The best way to connect your laptop to Internet when is already being used by your PC is to add a router. Depending on the router you select, you can then connect your laptop to the router or you can connect wirelessly. This will allow you to have more than one computer on the Internet at the same time.

Connect desktop to laptop Share laptop internet connection?

Question is not proper.

How do you run a PC and laptop on same internet?

WIFI can connect PC and laptop.

How would you access the internet with a laptop?

Either connect via a wireless network, connect through a 3G network or connect your laptop with an ethernet cable.

Have a cell phone connection can you connect to the internet with your laptop at no extra charges?

I got awcc gprs in my cell phone, I want to connect my phone to my laptop to use internet, I do not know how to do it

Will laptop broadband allow me to connect to the internet?

You can use laptop broadband to connect to the internet. T-Mobile and other providers can help you find the answers you need. technologies are always changing.

Can an Xbox360 connect to the Internet through a laptop?


How do you connect to internet with a laptop to a school connection that is protected by a proxy with a limited account?

connect it

Does the MacBook 13 inch laptop have the internet?

The 13 inch MacBook can connect to the Internet.

How do you connect Internet through laptop?

ok. first if its wireless you should be able to connect by wifi (wireless internet) but if ur not trying to connect via wireless is there an ethernet port on you laptop (it looks like a phone jack but its a little bigger)

How can you use your laptop away from your home?

If there is a signal for internet nearby, you can connect to it and your laptop will automatically detect if it is a newer brand of a laptop.

How to connect internet to laptop with phone via usb-?

The best way to connect the Internet to a laptop with a phone via USB is by connecting the phone directly to the USB. You will also need to turn on the tethering feature on your phone to enable Internet access.

Do you have to have the internet to make your laptop have the internet?

Yes, internet is important to connect online. You couldn't connect to the internet if you don't have internet.

How do I connect to the Internet when the wireless switch on my hp laptop is broken Is there any other way to connect to the Internet?

You'd have to use an ethernet cable.

Can I take my laptop anywhere and use with wireless internet Do I have to connect anything to my computer ?

If your laptop has a wireless ethernet card then you won't need anything to connect, assuming there is an accessible wireless network in range. I have a computer with dial up internet service. I bought a laptop computer for my son. I was wondering how can I make his laptop have a wireless internet service. Thank you

Can you connect to the internet on a laptop using your cell phone?

On some phones you can

Which hardware in laptop connect the wireless internet?

Wireless network adapter.

How do you connect your laptop to a wireless internet?

You need to install a wireless modem.

Internet on a laptop with a modem?

You can connect your laptop to the Internet with a cable modem, sure. You will need an Ethernet cable to do that. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem, and a wireless router as well.