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If the truck is on public streets and not for instance privately owned parking lot(s), there's nothing you can do.I suppose you could verify the person/business has all the legal permits to conduct business. That's about it.

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Can you marry a twenty-six year old without your parents consent if you are sixteen years old?

If you are legally emancipated you can. Entering into marriage means entering into a legally binding contract. At 16 you cannot legally enter into a binding contract. So no, you can't LEGALLY get married.

Can you ride a dirt bike legally in a neighborhood in Maryland?

I don't know? Where is MaryLand?

Who is legally responsible for debt the holding company or the limited company?

I think clients and public who did business with company or with company products are directly responsible legally.

Is hindustan infracon India limited company is registered legally by govt of India?

Hindustan infra is a legally company

Where Are The Job Applications for 12 year olds Online?

You can't legally work for a company until you're 14. but you can do odd jobs around your neighborhood, try walking dogs for 5 bucks a dog.

Can you marry a widow?, providing you are also legally capable of entering into marriage.

Can you legally shoot someone from Rhode Island entering into Mass?

only if you are a mass-hole

What is the act of entering into a marriage with one person while still legally married to another?


How can you sell food in your neighborhood?

you can't legally. there are strict rules about packaging, labeling, storage, heath of sellee, etc.

When a business incorporates is the company legally bound to honor previous contracts it made when it wasnt a corporation?

If the company was not incorporated when the document was created, the company must have been a partnership or a sole-proprietorship. Whoever signed the contract is legally bound by the contract. If a partner signed, the partnership is legally bound. If a person signed, that person is legally bound.

How old do you have to be to bye land in the UK?

Legally you cannot buy land unless you are at least 18. You are entering into a contract - legally you cannot sign a contract until you're 18.

Are electronic digital signatures legally binding?

It varies from country to country. Many countries (including the U.S., Canada, EU) have passed laws and regulations permitting the use of electronic signatures in many situations. Therefore, they are considered legally binding and have the same effect as traditional pen signatures. Signority Inc. ( is a Canadian electronic signature company. It provides easy, secure and legally binding electronic signature workflow solution. Several law firms and governments have adopted their application.

If a mortgage company goes bankrupt can the company that bought them out legally collect on your old debt?


What group of immigrants was legally excluded from entering America in 1882?

The Chinese were legally excluded from immigrating to America in 1882. It was called the Chinese Exclusion Act. It was repealed in 1943 by the Magnuson Act.

Where is an 11 year old allowed to work?

really legally speaking you can't start working until 16 at 14 and 12 you can babysit and do odd small jobs or be a camp counselor but at a 11 you can only really do the jobs people will allow you to be paid for such as opening your own lawn mowing company and mowing the lawns in your neighborhood or babysitting children in your neighborhood or family members children.

Are you allowed to ride your X19-Cr dominator bike around your neighborhood legally?

I would believe so. Its EPA approved.

Can your car be held by a towing company legally in Arizona?


Can company policy legally prohibit employing relatives?


Why do you have to be 13 to be on iTunes?

The 13 age limit is set because to set up an iTunes account you are entering into a legally binding contract and as such you will need to considered legally responsible enough to understand what you are doing.

Can a company send social security numbers over the internet to another company?

I don't think that they can legally....

Can an insurance company legally deny a prescription prescribed by your doctor?

Yes, an insurance company can legally deny covering prescription medication if they find that it isn't unnecessary. Sometimes this happens when the insurance company feels like the diagnoses is wrong, or the medicine is inappropriate.

Can a company put a lien on your property if the debt is paid in full?

Not legally.

In Kentucky can a 13 year old hire an attorney?

No, minors are legally incapable of entering into lawful contracts, but their parents/guardians can, on their behalf.

Can a loan company place a lien on a cosigner's home?

They cant legally "threaten" to do do anything that they cant legally do, so the answer is YES, they can attach your home.

How old do you have to be to legally work in Texas?

In dallas, 14, but it varies depending on what company.