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I don't agree with the bottom answer. To make it simple, you can view cavities in two ways. If they appear on the surface of the tooth, any dentist can see it directly with his or her own eyes.

But if the cavity is between two teeth, or under a filling, the cavity can only be seen on an x-ray. All dentists should be equipped with dental x-rays. And knowing where the cavity is, a dentist drills to get to it. He can't. You might need to go to another dentist, that way it will be done correctly. Good luck to you:)

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Q: How can a dentist fill a cavity he can't see?
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Can you pull a cavity?

No. You need to see the dentist for a filling.

What if your tooth hurts but you dont see a cavity?

You may not be able to see the cavity--the dentist often uses magnifying glasses and a pick--in addition to xrays--to see them. Make an appointment to visit the dentist.

Can you fill in your own cavity or do they sell the one that your cavity filling is lost then you can go buy another filling?

Some pharmacies sell a temporary filling material that may relieve some discomfort until you can see a dentist. It is only temporary, and it does nothing to stop decay or infection. If you do not see a dentist soon, you run the risk of needing a root canal or even possibly losing the tooth.

If you have a cavity can it go away?

No. A cavity is A permanent hole in your teeth. I suggest if you do have one, go see your dentist right away. The cavity will become more noticeable the longer you wait.

Dentist made a hole in your tooth from side to see cavity is that fine?

No that is not okay, its like saying let me drill through your foundation to see if there is a leak!

What to do for a tooth ach?

Get ora gel, it works great, but I would get in to see your dentist, you could have a hair line crack, or a cavity

What does it mean if you have a pink tooth that is starting to chip?

It means you have a very bad cavity and should see a dentist right away

How do you close the gap in your lower teeth?

go to the dentist and see what they can do because you cant do any thing.

Why is your teeth and your ear on the left side of your face in so much pain?

You may have a cavity or even an abscess, you should see a dentist ASAP.

What does a hole in a tooth mean?

A hole is a cavity, it means that the tooth is rotten or rotted. If you see a hole it is past time to see the dentist. You should also be brushing more often.

What do you do if you have a huge painful cavity and part of your tooth broke off and your adult tooth is right underneath the cavity tooth?

if it is a baby tooth I'd have it taken out if it was an adult go to your dentist and see what he says otherwise pull it out

Should you fill a cavity immediately or is it better to wait?

Of course it is better to fill it immediately and stop any further damage to the tooth. Why would you wait? So the cavity can get bigger? So the whole tooth rots away so you don't have to fill it?

What can cause a tooth to hurt?

A Tooth AcheAnswerYou could have a sensitive tooth, cavity or possibly an abscess. I would make an appointment to see your dentist.

Can salt help in cavities in the teeth?

It will help remove infections but will not cure the cavity itself. You'll need see the dentist to have the decay removed and filled.

I need to see a dentist but I'm 100 mile away from my dentist will any dentist see me I'm not in pain so it is not an emergency so I'm unsure does anyone know?

As long as you are willing to follow their protocols (ie fill out new patient paperwork, allow the dentist to conduct his own exam, and you agree to pay the fee) there is no reason why any dentist would not want to treat you.

What is wrong when the teeth your dentist filled are still hurting three weeks later?

It means that might have a small hole in your tooth with the filling ( which might not be visible.) you will have to go to the dentist again to see if the cavity has continued to grow in your gum or tooth.

What are some signs if a cavity?

Some signs of a cavity are some bad toothaches. You might also see a small hole start to form. Yellow will surround that hole. If you have one or start to have go see a dentist IMMIDIATLY! You'll get silver teeth filling and look nice.

Are there any ways to remove or treat a cavity without going to the dentist?

No, there is no way to get rid of a cavity other than going to a dentist. There are ways to help the pain temporarily if it's needed, but only a dentist can remove the cavity. ------------ And even when you get rid of the pain it doesn't mean that the problems with the cavity have stopped. The bacteria that causes cavities are not removed by the pills that ease the pain. If you don't treat your cavities you can easily end up with total prosthesis by you're 50. You can see this video for more info on cavities -

Why do you need biology to become a dentist?

its because dentists have to work with microscopic cells and living thing that the naked eye cant see

Does filling a cavity hurt and how does it work?

It shouldn't hurt at all, however, if it's a deep cavity, they might blow air into the cavity and ask you if it hurts. That's just probably to see that they won't be filling in a plaque filled cavity. All they really do is fill it with a substance and let it dry. Simple and Painless really.

What can cause a hole in gum of your bottom front incisor?

Excessive of sweet sodas drink can cause these kind of holes which may result in cavity if untreated. See your dentist ASAP.

How do I know if I have a cavity?

The best way to know if you have a cavity is to see your dentist for a check-up. He or she will look for little spots on each surface of your teeth to see is there are small holes with bacterial activity. But sometimes cavities are hidden and can only be detected on X-rays. Cavities don't always cause pain. When they are at a stage that you can see them or feel them, they might have reached an advanced state.

What do you do about a hole in the side of your tooth?

Go to the dentist! See a dentist.

If your tooth hurts when you eat candy does that mean you are getting a cavity?

More than likely yes, go see your dentist before it reaches the pulp and you need root canal treatment.

You just got a feeling in your tooth what can you eat?

depending on what kind of feeling, it might be a toothache or a cavity so stay away from hard and or sweet foods until you see a dentist about it. louis rainville.