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How can a female make her flat butt grow?

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Do exercises designed to target the Gluteus Maximus! The largest muscles in your body are in your behind...THEY WILL GROW with regular, specialized exercises! GUARANTEED!

2007-09-25 21:29:29
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Can any pill make your butt grow?


Does collard greens make your butt grow?


Does tomato make you butt grow?


How do you make your butt look big in jeans?

You can not. However, you could make your butt bigger if you want to make your butt look bigger in anything. Just eat and sit on your butt, and it will grow.

What foods make your butt grow huge?

Cock'o'nut. so if we eat cockonut our butt will become big? i already have a huge butt i want to make it smaller bread will make your butt bigger

You are African American and you have a flat as a pancake butt and big hips Why is your body like that and what can you do to make your butt more shapely and rounder?

you pick your butt

Does milk make your butt grow?

Milk helps every part of your body grow.

What can you do to make your butt grow?

two words for you. plastic surgery.

Can vitamin E make your breasts or butt grow?

Can prenatal vitamins make your breasts or butt grow? If so what does it depend on? Dosage? Certain types? Food you eat with the vitamins? Ect.

How can you make your butt grow?

EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF BREAD!!!!!!!!!! Or you can pump fat into your butt. gluteous maxiumus

Can doggy style make my butt grow bigger?

No the exercise might make it smaller

How do you make butt grow bigger faster?

What kind of Question is this?

How to make your butt grow?

Eat like there's no tomorrow. [: Well, actually, if you want to make your butt bigger, there's this thing in Sky Mall, they're called Butt Cups, or something like that, and they're supposed to make your butt look bigger.

HOW can you make female hips and butt bigger?

if u get knocked up for once

What kind of pills do you take for butt growth?

I really dont think that their is medication to make your butt grow, but their is surgery! You can get implants.. don't know how real they would look, just think about all the bad stuff that has happened to people who have had breast implants! I would even think about that sort of stuff! A butt is just a butt! No matter if its a cahdunkadunk or flat white booty!

How to grow fast big butt?

Eat Alot. May Increase Breast and Butt size, but unfortuantly, Make you gain weight.

How do you make your butt meat grow and what foods make the booty cheeks get bigger?

I think you are looking to exercise maybe??????????

Does squats make the butt bigger?

Squats will tone and strengthen the glutes. Whether or not it makes the butt bigger depends on the person. However, if you currently have a small/flat butt, it is one of the best exercises for it, and it certainly made mine bigger and better shaped.

Does milk make your butt bigger?

kinda-sorta. There's nothing in milk that'll make your butt grow special. But if you eat more energy that you need, then you'll start putting on weight - all over.

What food will make your butt get big?

It's just as impossible to target weight gain as it is to target weight loss. Eating more/fattier food food will make your butt bigger but it will also make the rest of you bigger. If you want to make only your butt bigger the only way short of implants is to excercise and make the muscles there grow bigger.

How do you get a flat butt?

First of all ; if you know that sitting on Computer all day is UNHEALTHY why would you do it if you know so ? well....It will make you fat honestly by time ; anyway if you want a flat butt ; The Only way you can do that is Cycling ! its the best exercise or train you could do to get a flat butt and try eating healthy food and tell me how much you weight ? I Know its annoying cuz ive been through the same your going through :D

How do you make men grow breasts?

by taking female hormone injections, estrogen.

Does sperm make breast bigger and butt bigger?

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

Will progesterone make a male grow breast?

The progesterone is also a female hormone so there is a chance to grow male breast.

Do strawberries make your butt bigger?

No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger.