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mostly think about someone recently went through a break up and i havent really forgot about's kinda hard to forget someone that you really like.


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How do you just forget about a guy?

The best way I have found to forget about a girl and I imagine it is the same way to forget a guy is to find another one. Works for me

How do you forget someone you still love?

well in my opinion you cant forget about someone you truly love you can only try to move on and that new girl/guy can help you get over your old girl/guy

What should you do if the girl you love has started seeing another guy?

Forget her and move on.

What is forget you all about by cee lo green?

it is about him forgetting a girl who left him for a richer guy

How tall is Guy Forget?

Guy Forget is 190 cm.

How do you get a guy back after he breaks up with you for another girl?

He's not worth your trouble, move on and forget about him.

What does it mean a guy says won't forgetto his girl friend?

it means that he will not forget what ever you asked to do.

What was the anime about where there is this guy or girl i forget and this person and im pretty sure she was a girl and she fought these demons that were invisible to most people?


When was Guy Forget born?

Guy Forget was born on January 4, 1965.

How do you forget a guy that you love and he still have feeling for you but he has another girl?

Alcohol, sex, and a good nights sleep.

What if a guy hugs you then goes and kisses another girl?

Forget about that guy because if you go out with him than you know he will cheat on you really bad im a girl take my advie i have friends that the sam thing happens to them

A girl might like the guy i like?

Well just be nice to the guy not too much just as a friend then the rest will come do not worry about the other girl just do not forget it all takes time.

How do you forget about someone you love?

You talk to your best girl/guy friend more and more. If that doesn't work, then too bad, you're hooked on the person you want to forget about. Or you cant forget him/her. Why would you even want to forget about somebody you love.

What is the meaning of the song ''Forget You'' by Cee Lo Green?

its about a guy who likes this girl, but this girls doesn't like him and likes this other guy. and once he becomes rich and famous she suddenly likes him but he tells her "FORGET YOU"

How do you ask your crush out in college?

You should just be honest with the girl/guy and if they turn you down forget it because they're not worth it.

How old is Guy Forget?

Guy Forget is 52 years old (birthdate: January 4, 1965).

Can a girl slap a guy?

Yes, a girl can slap a guy, but the guy can not slap a girl

When was Forget-Me-Not - Family Guy - created?

Forget-Me-Not - Family Guy - was created on 2012-03-18.

What should you do when you like a guy but a guy doesn't like you?

you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys) you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys)

What if you liike a girl who's still interested in her ex-boyfriend?

If you like a girl who is still interested with her ex, then show her what kind of a guy you are. Show her your personality. When you see you and her clicking, ask her out and she just might forget her ex and try a new guy.

When will a guy give up on a girl he likes if he has never talked to her and try to forget her?

Mostly if you like a girl you should try to buy some attention so she will pay more attention to you

What do I do if I am a 15 year old guy and I like a girl who has a boyfriend and I've been waiting for 3 years?

walk up to her ask her out or forget about it

What do you say when a guy asks you what attracts you to them?

I'll never forget when this girl complimented me on how she liked my upper arms (as if) but anyway I'll always remember that.

What do you do if the girl you like is interested in you too but she like someone else more?

I will improve our friendship and get closer to her and maybe she will forget about the other guy and get interested in you.

What do i do i like this guy he smokes should I over look that or should I forget about him?

forget about him!