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Forget her and move on.

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Q: What should you do if the girl you love has started seeing another guy?
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I 'like' a girl that I have started seeing and she's safe. I have also met another girl who I really connect with but I'm not convinced by her trustworthyness Which one should I commit to and why?

I think you should be with the 2 of them and that way you get threesomes and awesomeness! The downside is they will rag at the same time =(

What if you are dating a girl but want another girl?

Be honest and stop seeing her.

How does some one fall out of love?

By them seeing another girl and the girl is prettier then u

How would a guy react if he finds out that the girl he's seeing is also seeing another guy?

He would probably drop her.

What should you do if a girl that you are seeing spat in your mouth?

Probably should stop seeing her to be honest man. That's just weird. Who does that kind of stuff?

What is the song where a man finds out that his woman is seeing another woman?

my girl got a girlfriend

What does it mean when a guy you are seeing mentions another girl but does not go into a lot of detail about her?

Ask her about the girl. If he is honest he will open up.

A girl is seeing you how should you make her talk with you?

Answer Why do you have to make her talk to you, why don't you talk with her

Why a girl who has to menstruate should be more careful about her body?

a girl who has started to menstruate should be more careful about her body. why?

Interested in a girl that's seeing a friend?

It depends on the situation. You should never take your friends girl from him, that's just low. But if your friend and this girl stop seeing each other before they are really serious, talk to your friend about it and see what his views are. If they continue to see each other and start getting really serious, try to find another girl to keep your mind off your friends girl.

IF you love a girl and she also know it that you love her so much and care for herfor 5 yearsbut then she dont say yes to you whyand what should you do?

MAYBE she is seeing another guy or she's not intrested and YOU should move on!

What should you do if you love girl and she knows that you love her but she loves another boy?

find another girl!

Your ex boyfriend now is with some other girl will just accidentally bumping into him and apologizing help?

Unfortunately your ex boyfriend is seeing another girl and you should move on with your own life. You may be able to find out if and when he breaks up with this girl and if he does that is the time to apologize to him and not before then.

Should someone avoid talking to a guy that really seems very interested according to the persons mother but he just started talking to another girl?

Yes you should avoid. If he was interested in talking to you,you would be in that girl place right now.

Right you are seeing this guy who is seeing another girl too you know you love him but you are too afraid to admit it to him How can you make him realize you are the one for him?

Okay, i wouldn't bother going out with him, but if you want to - i would just be really nice to him, almost suck up to him and keep him from seeing the other girl.

You think that you and your best mate are drifting apart She has started to hang out with another girl now and seems to not like you so much what should you do?

Talk to your best mate about it

How do you get your girlfriend to fight another girl?

girlfriend s presence you should look hard for another girl so that your girl thinks that the other girl is flirting with you.

How do you get a girl like you if she doesn't want to talk to you and has a crush on another boy?

you should probobly find another girl

What should a guy do if a girl he likes like another guy?

Find another girl or risk getting hurt

How do you get a girl that does not want to date to go out with you?

Then you should move on and try another girl.

How do you use seeing in a sentence?

Two ways: I couldn't believe what I was seeing! He was seeing a girl he met at a party. (This second one implies that the boy was dating the girl, seeing is a synonym in this form.)

How can you tell if a guy is talking to another girl?

Well, you can't tell that much, but if you mean seeing another girl, I don't know. If you mean talking to another girl, you are just really jealous. he just starts talking to another girl, and looking at you when he is talking to make you jealous. flirts with her, stuff like tht you will probaly see it, u don't have to ask

If your girl denies be your life partner than what should u will do?

You should find another girl who will be your life partner.

What do you do when your boyfriend is seeing someone else while you still dating him?

well if hes 'seeing' as in going out with another girl then the obvious thing to do is talk to him or break up with him if that's how you feel. if its 'seeing' as in with his eyes then let him there his eyes let them wander =]

What are some important objects in among the hidden?

one important object is that third children are illegal, and this girl wants freedom and has this rally. this boy luke, another third child, saw this other third child and he started seeing her and it basically talks about that.