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be sweet, guenuine, funny and be a gentleman! make sure you're the one who calls and makes the plans...make her feel like she's the only one you're interested in and tell her what you like about it....make yalls dates fun and don't get too serious too works, i promise :)

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Are some boys girl crazy?

Coming from a guy almost all boys are girl crazy.

When you say to a guy i want to feel you inside me what does he think?

When a girl says that to a guy its his BIGGEST turn gets him crazy!!!

Can a guy and a girl join the air force together under the buddy system?

of couse but if the girl is boy crazy then NO

What should you do if a guy likes you and you like him back?

This might sound crazy but ask the guy out. Nothing is cooler to a guy than a confident girl.

Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

It isn't to weird for a girl to ask but its a free country, so be crazy and ask that question girl.

Plot of i miss you like crazy movie?

guy sees girl on boat guy thinks girl will commit suicide but clarifies everything girl sees guy again they hang out and lolo tells them they'll get married it rains and they celebrate a birthday via internet guy and girl have SEX

What do you do when the guy you really like likes another girl and it is driving you crazy?

Move on. Lots of fish in the sea.

What to do when you get asked out but don't like the girl or guy?

You say no. The more time you spend with the person you aren't crazy about is less time and opportunity to be with/meet the person you will be crazy about

What do you call a crazy girl in Spanish?

Crazy Girl = Muchacha loca

What part of speech is the word crazy?

It is an adjective. It describes a noun. For example, "She is a crazy girl". Crazy describes the girl.

Where do you find the crazy clown girl on fantage?

where is the crazy clown girl in fantage

Who is don quioxte?

he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills he is a guy in a story who is crazy and fights windmills

What happen when 20 year girl and a 52 year old man to fall in love?

that the guy is a perv and u are crazy

Is it crazy for a girl to miss her pet?

no its not crazy for a girl to miss the pet expectantly if she loved it

About the narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart?

He was crazy--so crazy that he didn't even know he was crazy--and he killed a guy because the guy looked funny.

How do you say your crazy Girl in Spanish?

Your crazy girl is: "Tu chica loca" or "Tu alocada chica" (both) You're crazy, girl is: "Chica, estás loca"

Will you go out with Selena Gomez?

Well, I'll give you this much, she is preety and talented. But, I'm a girl who is boy crazy, but if you are a guy, go for it.

Is Justin Bieber a crazy guy?

Yes. He is very crazy, but funny.

I am a girl and turning 15 and i want to have a guy girl birthday party but you dont know what to do what are some ideas?

I have always found bowling.... as crazy as it sounds.... to be the best guy girl activity it opens the doors for not only some fun competition but also some good pizza

When was Crazy Little Party Girl created?

Crazy Little Party Girl was created in 1998.

How much would family guy cost on game crazy?

Go to the Game Crazy website and search "Family Guy".

What does it mean when a guy says he's crazy about me and he smiles?

When a guy says he's crazy about you and he smiles, it means that he has fallen in love with you.

Can a girl slap a guy?

Yes, a girl can slap a guy, but the guy can not slap a girl

What is the film My Sassy Girl about?

The film, My Sassy Girl, is about a guy that meets a girl that ends up being a bit on the crazy side. The film starred Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford. The movie was released in 2008.

What does slightly crush mean?

slightly crush means u r not crazy bout the guy/girl but u r slightly attracted to him/her.