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How can a inductor remain charged?


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It will not remain "charged" for long. The speed of collapse of the magnetic field is related to the inductance, in Henries. A (physically) large inductor will retain energy for longer. (note that there is no "charge")


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If the object remains ungrounded it will remain charged.

what is an inductor used for

Since we know that inductance of an inductor depends on the length of inductor by the formula L=muAN*N/l, where l is the length of inductor. So by varying the length of inductor we say that inductance of inductor varies.

When an inductor is suddenly connected in parallel with a charged capacitor, the current through the inductor and the voltage between its ends will oscillate at the frequency of F = 1 / 2 pi sqrt(L x C) . With real-world components, having resistance and connected through wire that has resistance, the amplitude of the oscillation will steadily decrease as energy is lost in the circuit, and the oscillation will eventually become too small to measure, and disappear.

inductor is a electronic component that resist a change in the flow of current inductance is that property of inductor.

inductor is opposes the current and the electrical energy is stored in the inductor in the form of magnetic energy

Yes, an inductor allows DC to pass through it. An inductor resists a change in current, proportional to inductance and voltage. At equilibirum, an ideal inductor has zero impedance. The differential equation for an inductor is di/dt = v / l

capacitor and inductor are linear elements

The electrostatic force of attraction between the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged electrons

In an ideal inductor, no, there is no voltage induced across an inductor unless the current in the inductor is changing. However, since there are no ideal inductors nor power supplies, eventually an inductor will draw a constant current, i.e. the limit of the power supply; and, since no inductor has zero ohms at equilibrium, that current will translate to voltage.

inductor use both ac and dc as per requirment or ratings in dc a inductor generate constant magnetic ac system rotating magnetic field created by inductor

inductor is passive element of electrical system which opposes change in current.

in the magnetic field in the space around the inductor

any conductor wound with few turns can be considered as an inductor

Single ended is referred to converters with single switch topology. SEPIC has only one switch and hence named Single ended primary inductor converter. (Primary inductor because the inductor is charged during ON cycle of the switch) For example, There are double ended flyback topologies with two switches. It is named as double ended because it contains two switches.

If you were charged criminally it will always remain on your record (I am uncertain as to whether a criminal DUI offense can be expunged or not - you would have to check on this) - if it was charged as a traffic offense it WILL always remain on your driving record. Your driving record is a COMPLETE history of your driving life and does NOT go away.

An inductor looks like a piece of wire to DC. It will thus look like a resistor, and inductor properties do not apply.

The fundamental purpose of an inductor is to store electrical energy in a magnetic field.

inductor blocks ac current and allow dc

The inductor symbol resembles a coil of wire of 3 to 5 turns.

with DCAnswerYou cannot 'charge' and inductor.

a coil. a component having the property of inductance.

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