A division of the US Department of Justice that serves as an internal intelligence agency and a criminal investigative body for Federal offenses.

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History of the United States

What year was the FBI started?

The justice department created a staff of special agents in 1908. The group took the name FBI in 1932.

Math and Arithmetic

What math classes do you need to become a FBI?

It matters what type of FBI Function you are in such as indentifying (or like looking how the civillian was killed and what type of bullet) That needs AP Chemistry (ALL CLASSES) or Chemistry (ALL CLASSES) though AP Chem. will get you a better chance.

But i say for anything

-Algebra 1 & 2

-Calculus Pre-Calculus (If their is one?) Calculus 1 (Calculus 2 if wanting a better chance)

- Basic Mathematics

- Measurement

- Stat and Prob (Statistics and Probability)

- A Portion of Geometry



- Science

- (Not sure what it's called but...) a Class to study building and their structure/architecture

Law & Legal Issues

What specifically shows on a person's NCIC record and who has access to it?

jj is me yes yes yes mamammamamamamammamama


What is Seeley Booth's FBI badge number?

i dont think they have those. But, when on the radio he identifies himself "Car #4" or most recently "Booth 22705"


What does SSA stand for in the FBI?

Supervisory Special Agent.

Criminal Law
US Government

Why is extortion a crime?

Because it is an action that is threatening and goes against the law !

History of the United States
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

Was J Edgar Hoover Racist?


Notorious Murderers and Serial Killers

How do FBI track down serial killers?

Stranger murder is one of the hardest types of murders to solve. But the FBI has put a lot of effort into the indentifing and capture of serial killers. Criminal profiling, although not an exact science, helps decipher psychological clues left by the killer, either on the body or crime scene. Fingerprints are now compared by computers and any matches take only seconds in some cases. Forensics plays heavily in the detection of the guilty. Fiber, hair, blood, ect are a part of every homicide case. Even blood that has been cleaned and even bleached can still be detected, in some cases, years after the crime.* And with these advances in science came DNA. The identifing of each individual's genetic material, unique to every person with the exception of identical twins, has taken crime detection into the 21st century. What 50 years ago was science fiction is now routine police work.

The above advances have made the detection and capture of serial killers far easier than ever before. But any good cop will tell you that it still takes the human factor to make it all happen. There is no way to replace good old-fashioned police work. A combination of intuition and experience is the heart and soul of any homicide case.

*With the use of chemicals such as Luminol, blood, even decades old, can be detected.


SSA abbreviation for FBI or BAU?

Supervisory Special Agent


What does FBI and CIA stand for?

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

Barack Obama

Was Obama vetted by the FBI?

While I'm sure that when he ran for the US Senate, Barack Obama had an FBI file open on him (as do practically all political figures in this country), there was no "vetting", nor would there have been any unusual FBI investigations when he and others ran for president.

The FBI does NOT have any authority to "vet" a political figure running for elected office (vetting implies not just investigation, but approval authority). More importantly, as someone running for an elected office, the only people who have the authority to reject that person (other than for lack of standing - i.e. not a citizen) is the electorate itself. So, the FBI would have no ability to "approve" Obama as eligible to run for office. More importantly, if the FBI was exposed as doing some such thing, they would be in a huge world of trouble (and, rightly so).

For elected offices in the United States, the only real requirements are that they be a citizen (a "natural-born citizen" in the singular case of the President and Vice President), and they meet age requirements set out in the Constitution (if there are any, otherwise, they must be legal adults). There is nothing else to "vet" - we can (and do) elect convicted felons to Congress on a semi-regular basis, and persons with all sorts of unsavory personal details are likewise elected to hold a myriad of offices. The only arbiter of what is "acceptable" are the voters themselves.


How punishment philosophy can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process Include a description of how sanctions are related to punishment philosophy and used in the criminal justice field?

define punishment philosophy and how it can affect the criminal justice post-conviction process

Notorious Murderers and Serial Killers

When does the FBI get involved in Serial Killings?

There are several ways the FBI can/will become involved. Any local or state law enforcement officers and detectives can ask the FBI for assistance. At the federal level, the resources are more plentiful to catch a serial killer. Small towns/cities may not have their own labs for DNA analysis and other modern forensic tools needed. They also can benefit from federal agent's experience and make use of the BSU (Behavioral Science Unit) for a criminal profiling. Serial murder is a financial strain on taxpayers. Involving FBI can defray some of the expense.

Another way FBI will become involved would be if a killer crosses state lines and especially crossing state lines with a victim or victim's body. This constitutes kidnapping and/or illegal transport of a body to conceal a crime, both are a federal offence.

Letters Notes and Memos

How can write leave application letter for compensatory leave?

how to write a compensatory leave letter


How old is the youngest agent in the FBI?



What is the higher than sextuplets?

7- septuplets 8- octuplets 9- nonuplets10- decaplets 11- undecaplets 12- duodecaplets13- tredecaplets 14- quattrodecaplets 15- quintdecaplets 16- sexdecuplets 17- septdecuplets18- octdecuplets 19- nondecuplets 20- icosuplets 21- undeicosuplets 22- duoicosuplets


Who narrates the FBI Files on Discovery Channel?



Does the FBI use aircraft to stalk people?

Indeed it does


Where does funding for the FBI come from?

The general public taxes. The federal government

Math and Arithmetic
Sales and Customer Service

What percentage of sales would an agent get for finding a foreign distributor?

Sales commission would typically no more than 3% for finding a distributor to sell your products.

Salary and Pay Rates
TV Programming and Commercials
Drama and Acting

Do you have to pay an agent and how much do you have to pay them?

Yes, you do have to pay an agent, but not in the way you are thinking. They cost about 15% of your earnings, meaning if they are asking for money before you sell, don't hire!!!!

Consider this, too:

Their job is to get YOU jobs, so "the ball starts in their court," as it were. You owe an agent nothing until they get you work, so a good one will work very hard on your behalf. Then, as stated above, they get a percentage. The more jobs they get you (and the higher the jobs pay), the more they make.

Once upon a time, 10% was the standard cut for an agent, so unless you're desperate for their services, start there.

Your agreement could also include an "incentive clause." Negotiate with them for 10-12% until your annual income exceeds an agreed-upon amount (say, for example, 100,000 a year), at which time their cut would bump up to 15%. If you do work in incentives, include a "reverse incentive," meaning that if your income drops back BELOW the agreed-upon amount, their percentage drops back down, too.


What does FBI stand for?

Among other things it stands for;

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Fungus Bacteria Invertebrates

Federation of British Industries

Food Borne Illness

Foliar Browse Index

Female Body Inspector :D
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The term F.B.I means the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Federal bureau of investagation my teacher said it stands for fungus bactaria insects i was like why would cops be called that animal name like seriously
FBI stands for : Federal Bureau of Investigation

an angency of the US federal government that deals principally with internal security and counter-intelligence.

Salary and Pay Rates
Income Garnishment

How much money does an FBI agent earn?

Answer In 2003 FBI agents entered Federal service at a base salary of $39,115, yet earned about $48,890 a year with availability pay. They can advance to nonsupervisory assignments at a base salary of $61,251, which is worth $76,560 with availability pay. FBI supervisory, management, and executive positions pay a base salary of about $72,381 or $85,140 a year, respectively, and equaled $90,480 or $106,430 per year including availability pay. Also, if you are one of the agents that works in the field with swag guns like m16s, then you get paid a lot more due to risk of death.

Salary and Pay Rates

What determines how much a repossession agent gets paid?

The repo agent determines it. Same as you determine how much you get paid. the more you want to make , the better you are at your job.

History of the United States
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

Are William J Hoover and J Edger Hoover related?



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