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How can a minor be stopped from running away?


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The parents or guardian simply pick up the phone and call the local police or state juvenile authorities. After which a decision is made whether to return and/or compel the minor to remain in the family home or take the minor into custody to await a decision by the judge of the juvenile court.


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It not specifically a crime because nothing will go on the minors record if they runaway. A parent can have the minor placed in juvenile housing if they keep running away though.

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It is ultimately up to the parents of the minor child who is caught running away in California. The parents may choose to have their child placed in a detention center for minors instead of letting them return to their home.

If you are a minor, you can be in trouble for running away. Only once you have reached the age of majority, are you free to live where you wish.

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At 16 you are a minor and in trouble if you have run away. It isn't too late so go home. Running away doesn't solve any problem you have.

At 17 years old you are a minor and running away to another state means you are a run away and the law can arrest you and return you home. You can leave home at 18 when you are an adult.

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They would be an unaccompanied minor. If picked up by the police, they will be returned to their home or placed in child protective services location.

The police will take him/her into custody, call the parents, and a court date may be set if any laws were broken.

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When a minor runs away in the state of Georgia, they are returned to the custody of their parents and a court date is set up. Depending on the juveniles criminal history they may be sentenced to probation or community service.

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Kentucky considers a child who runs away for more than three day in a year, habitual runaway. The minor can be charged court cost, jailed or and placed in juvenile detention.

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