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i don't think so

2007-04-21 13:11:51
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Q: How can a mother send her minor daughters boyfriend to jail if she knows that there not doing anything illgal?
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Can a mother put a restraining order on her underage daughters boyfriend?

can a mother put a restraing order on her 19 years old daughters boyfriend?

Can mother get a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend if both the daughter and the boyfriend are eighteen?

Only if the boyfriend is a disturbance to the mother because the daughter and boyfriend are both adults.

If mother allowed boyfriend to move in with 15 yr old daughter is it legal?

The mother should only allow the daughters boyfriend to meet her in the house , during the day time. Inviting him at 15 to stay in your daughters room is inviting big trouble and is not at all legal as one thing will lead to another.

Can a mother put a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend from seeing her when she doesnt want that?

Legally yes. It's not a great idea though

You need to know the signs of mom boyfrieNd touching 15year OLD daughters butt in a sneaky way?

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If a mother puts a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend and then the father gets custody of the daughter is the restarining order still active on the boyfriend?

Yes. Switching guardians has nothing to do with the restraining order. It will remain there until it is cancelled.

Can a mother be considered unfit if she and her kids move in with her boyfriend?

This is not considered an unfit mother. Where a mother lives is not anything that makes a mother fit or unfit. A mother who is a drug addict or an alcoholic that is drunk all the time is an unfit mother.

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Can a mother put a restraining order on her underage daughters boyfriend if she has no proof of harassement or phsical or sexual abuse?

Depending state by state, I live in Florida all you need to do is have a reason, no proof is required.

If you are 16 years old can your mother get a restraining order against your 18 year old boyfriend if he hasn't sexually abused you or done anything wrong and the 16 year old agrees with the boyfriend?


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