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How can a multimeter be used to measure current?

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If you don't know the answer to this question than you shouldn't be using a mutimeter. Get some electrical/electronic training first then read the instruction manual for your meter. If you try to do this the wrong way, you could be injured or killed!!!

2010-03-24 04:25:01
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Q: How can a multimeter be used to measure current?
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What do you use to measure an electric current?

An ammeter is used to measure an electric current. Alternatively, you can use a multimeter, set to an appropriate current range.

What else can a multimeter measure?


What are three test that the digital multimeter is used for?

To measure voltage, current and resistance.

How you can measure current by multimeter?

You can measure the current on any part of your circuit with a multimeter by first selecting the correct multimeter setting for measuring the current you want, then you have to open the circuit on the part you want to measure, finally use the multimeter in ampmeter mode to complete the circuit. The reason you can't measure current in parallel in a multimeter is because the multimeter uses an internal resistance which is often large in comparison to most circuits, which means that current would not flow or flow more "slowly" than what the flow of current really is through the multimeter. Therefore to measure current you always do it in a series connection.

When using a multimeter?

mainly 3 measurement, 1st Voltage, 2nd, Current, 3rd, resistance

What is a multimeter used for?

A multimeter combines the functions of an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter and, so, can be used to measure current, voltage, and resistance by selecting the appropriate scale/setting.

Which setting on a multimeter is to measure a current in a circuit?

Current is measured in amps so the setting on a multimeter would be A Measuring current with a multimeter is only to be done by someone with training because it can be very dangerous It is much better to measure current with a clamp meter

Multimeter measure current in amps volts or watts?

A multimeter measures current in amperes and potential difference in volts. Wattmeters are used to measure watts and the reading is a combination of current being drawn and the voltage applied. watt = volts x amps

How and what is a multimeter use for?

a VOM is typically used to measure resistance, potential (voltage) and current (amps).

How is the multimeter connected to measure current?

A: A multimeter is an instrument design to measure ohms volts and amps. So to measure amps a shunt is provided to allow a sample of the current to be measured as a function of voltage.

How is an multimeter connected to take a measure?

Multimetres are generaly used to measure the following quantities. Voltage: multimeter is connected in parallel with the Load; Current: multimeter is connected in series with Load; Resistance: the resistor must be taken out of the circuit first, then, the probes from the multimeter are connected across the resistor,

What is use by electronic multimeter?

A measuring instrument used to measure voltage,current,resistance values... As it is using for multiple purposes, the name multimeter is givem to that instrument....

Besides voltage and resistance what else can your multimeter measure?


What is a clamp meter?

It is a multimeter with a clamp on facility to measure current using it as a current transformer.

Why a multimeter must be connected in series when measuring current?

current always flow trough the elements of the circuit but not across multimeter should lways be in series to measure current

What are the units of a multimeter?

A typical simple (cost-effective) multimeter can measures three different electrical quantities. -- When it's used to measure potential difference or electromotive force, the unit of the measurement is "volt". -- When it's used to measure current, the unit is "ampere". -- When it's used to measure resistance, the unit is "ohm".

Why do you measure resistors in ohms?

resistance = voltage/current use a multimeter

Why does my multimeter always read the same current no matter what I measure?

If you're connecting it properly, then I would have to guess that the multimeter is defective.

Why multimeter cannot used for measurement of insulation resistance?

since it cant measure the weak current passing through the insulator.

How to use multimeter?

A multimeter is a devise used to measure voltage, resistance and current in electronics & electrical equipment. It is also used to test continuity between to 2 points to verify if there is any breaks in circuit or line.

How do you know when a wire has current flowing through it?

You can measure with a multimeter. Alternately, you can check for a magnetic field around the wire.You can measure with a multimeter. Alternately, you can check for a magnetic field around the wire.You can measure with a multimeter. Alternately, you can check for a magnetic field around the wire.You can measure with a multimeter. Alternately, you can check for a magnetic field around the wire.

What instrument is used to measure the opposition to current in a circuit?

Resistance is the name given to something which opposes the flow of an electrical current in a circuit and an ohmmeter is used to measure it.The Ohm is the name of the unit used to measure resistance.Further noteThe most common type of instrument used to measure resistance is a multimeter, which includes an ohmmeter, an ammeter to measure the current flow in amps and a voltmeter to measure the potential difference in volts.

What is the purpose of an automotive multimeter?

An automotive multimeter, like any multimeter, can be used to test the voltage or current in some kind of circuit. As it is an automotive multimeter it is aimed more towards the used in a car.

What is an input device used to measure variables?


Function and parts of multimeter?

A typical multimeter can measure: * AC & DC voltage (volt) * AC & DC current (amp) * resistance (ohm)