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Yes and no: legitimacy is in the eyes of the beholder.

A minister can become legally ordained online with the Universal Life Church. The ULC's ordinations are recognized as legitimate by the United States government, and a minister of the ULC has access to all the rights and privileges as afforded by the law. The Universal Life Church welcomes individuals of all faiths and practices.

If you ascribe legitimacy to a traditional Christian doctrine, then no, these ordinations do not qualify. (See explanation below...)

We have to remember that the first Apostles were not trained in scripture. The New Testament wasn't even written yet. Can you become ordained online with legitimacy? What is your definition of legitimate? The reason I ask that is because I have been in ministry for 22 years and I have met many very kind and loving pastors in one denomination who would not be able to pastor a church in another denomination because of different training...for instance: four year bible college verses three years of seminary.

Certain denominations requires three years of seminary which happens to be one year LESS of bible college...yet since The Bible college is not a seminary the pastor with an EXTRA year of bible education is NOT qualified to pastor in the other denomination with only three years of bible training required. Sounds silly huh? answer the question: Ordination comes from the Holy Spirit...period. God calls people to do His work to help lives period.

So whether you have a piece of paper saying you are ordained or or "ordained" by elders at your church surrounding you and praying for you, you can still take advantage of people and be nasty to them or if you don't have that paper and change lives with love and service then you know that it's God doing the good work through you and qualifying you and not the paper qualifying you whether the paper is printed out from an online website or from your denomination. I hope I'm communicating myself effectively in this paragraph. What I'm saying is that the paper or the place or denomination doesn't matter. What matters is your relationship with Jesus. I have SEEN it all!

The fact of the matter is we are ALL called to evangelize! So we are all missionaries and teachers of the Word in one way or another. HOWEVER, accountability is needed and a circle of counsel of wise people is a good way of discerning if you are gifted and called to be ordained. I remember once years ago someone asking me WHO ordained me? And the reason he was asking me was because he was "stuck" on a power trip of some sort. I said, "The Holy Spirit"....and he said, "Oh."

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Q: How can a person become ordained online with legitimacy?
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