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How can a person survive in the desert?

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A person can survive indefinitely if that person has sufficient food and water.

With sufficient water, food and shelter a person can survive indefinitely in a desert.

With sufficient supplies of food, water and a good shelter a person can survive in either the Arctic or a desert indefinitely.

With food, water and shelter a person can survive indefinitely in a desert. If it is a hot desert during the summer and the person is active and not resting, the person might survive 1-2 days without water.

With sufficient nutritious food and plenty of water, a person can survive indefinitely.

The person needs water to survive.

A person could survive indefinitely in the desert if that person has shelter, sufficient water and food. Millions of people around the world live in cities and towns located in the desert and survive their entire lives there. Look at Cairo, Egypt and Las Vegas, Nevada, or Chihuahua, Mexico,

If the person has sufficient water and food, he can survive indefinitely. Without water, only a few days.

A person could not survive more than 2-3 days without water in a hot desert.

Not only do roadrunners survive in the desert, they thrive in the desert.

With the appropriate clothing, shelter and supplies a person could survive in either indefinitely.

Ye, people can and do survive in the Libyan Desert.

With sufficient water, yes, corn will survive in the desert.

You can't survive very long in a desert with no water.

Geraniums can survive in a desert if given sufficient water,

young is able to survive in desert because he live in a cage

Yes, there are many species of insects that live and survive in the desert.

Most desert plants survive in the desert by storing water in their cells. An example would be the cactus.

Plants that can not survive in the desert are the plants that are not able to adapt to the changes in temperature that occur in the desert.

I have worked with native wildlife of the Chihuahuan Desert for many years and I can guarantee that fleas survive in the desert.

They survive in the desert because they adapt to the environment and are made to live in the desert.

The desert does not help the cactus survive. The cactus survives despite the desert due to its adaptations..

You survive in the Gobi Desert by relying on the animals and the plantsBy Emily E

Plants better adapted to conserve water survive in desert.

Yes, eagles can and do survive in the desert. I have seen golden eagles in the Chihuahuan Desert and none seemed to be suffering.

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