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How can a plant feel pain without a nervous system?

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* Plant Brain: Each root apex harbours a unit of nervous system of plants. The number of root apices in the plant body is high and all brain-units are interconnected via vascular strands (plant nerves) with their polarly-transported auxin (plant neurotransmitter), to form a serial (parallel) nervous system of plants. The computational and informational capacity of this nervous system based on interconnected parallel units is predicted to be higher than that of the diffuse nervous system of lower animals, or the central nervous system of higher animals/humans. Taken from the study at: http://ds9.botanik.uni-bonn.de/zellbio/AG-Baluska-Volkmann/plantneuro/neuroview.php

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They can't.

Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. Although plants can react to stimuli, these reactions do not constitute sentience because plants lack pain receptors, sensory organs, and a central nervous system to process sensations. Animals are able to consciously perceive their environment and consciously respond with many different behaviors to it. Plants lack this variability of response, in that they will react in the same manner regardless of different scenarios. For example, they will grow towards a light source whether they are outdoors and reacting to the path of the sun or indoors reacting to a stationary window or electric light bulb.

Animals have evolved sentience because pain can help them to avoid harmful stimuli and pleasure can help them to seek and find beneficial stimuli. Plants have not evolved sentience because it doesn’t benefit them. Plants have no way to move away from drought, deluge, heat, or cold.

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Can you move without your nervous system?

without your nervous system you could not move, feel pain, think, or taste something spicy

How does the nervous system work with the respiratory system?

the nervous system allows you to feel when you breath

What system allows you to feel pain?

The peripheral nervous system or damage to the central nervous system.

What would happen if you didnt have a nervous system?

If the human kind was created without a nervous system, we would not feel anything. For example, if I poked you and you didnt have a nervous system, yiu wouldn't feel it. I could slap your back and you wouldn't feel it. Don't worry I won't slap you. I don't even know you. lol Glad I could help :)

If your body starts to feel relaxed your nervous system is becoming more active?

Parasympathetic nervous system helps your body start to feel relaxed as your nervous system becomes more active.

What does your nervous system do for you?

It helps you feel things physically.

Do trees feel pain?

They are alive; but they do not a have a nervous system so they do not feel pain.

How might you feel when your sympathetic nervous system is simulated?

With current technology it is not yet possible to simulate a sympathetic nervous system

What are the uses of nervous system?

A protective systemLets you thinkLets you feel

Can cheese feel pain?

No. Cheese is not alive and has no nervous system.

Why is nervous system considered the most complex of all the systems of your body?

If the nervous system is damaged, You will not be able to feel pain in a part of your body.

What happens when the nervous system doesn't function properly?

When the nervous system doesn't function properly you may not be able to move or feel as others do. Your doctor may have medications that can help you slow the deterioration of your nervous system.

Why do you cry when you feel pain?

neurons in the brain along with the nervous system

Do Synthetic drugs effect the nervous system?

All psychotropic drugs affect the nervous system, from marijuana to dipropyltryptamine or methamphetamine. This is how they work, if they didn't affect the nervous system (particularly the brain) then no one would feel an effect.

Do plants and flowers feel?

Sadly, they do not. Plants do not have a nervous system, thus, they cannot feel, or see at that matter.

What are the main functions of the nervous system?

what are the main function of the nervous systemThe main functions of the nervous system are to send messages to your brain to let it know when something is hurting you, or when something feels good. It is the only way you can feel, if we didn't have a nervous system we would not be able to move or communicate at all.

How does the Nervous System affect your behavior?

The nervous system can effect your behavior greatly. If you are sick, you feel tired, sick, and you do not want to do anything. There for, your behavior is different than it would be when you were not sick. If your well on the other hand, you feel energetic, an awake. So, depending on how the nervous system is working, it will affect your behavior.from the brain

Why do we get nervous?

we get nervous due to a burst of adrenaline in our system that makes us concentrate but to much can make us feel sick.

Why do you feel nervous?

Sometimes you will feel nervous because of reactants in your brain that then set off your "nervous system". The nervous system helps you infact, if it wasn't for your nervous system you could be dead! The nervous system reacts off of your brain saying that something isn't right and that something should be done. If we didn't have that to rely upon then your brain would simply stop working in result of your brain telling your heart to stop pumping and eventually once your heart would stop you would die.

Do clams feel pain?

Most likely not, as they lack a central nervous system.

How do you you get goosebumps?

1.when you feel or hear something your nervous system goes crazy

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