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How can airplanes hover with no forward speed?

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An aircraft has what is called a stall speed. this speed is the point at witch the wings stop creating the necessary lift needed to keep it aloft. depending on many factors different aircrafts have different stall speeds. some as slow as 38 knots. so essentially this small aircraft will need to be pointed in the direction of the wind witch must be a sustained wind of at least 38 knots. In theory it is possible but highly unlikely. There are dubious claims that this type of aircraft can actually fly backwards. Its all a factor of the relative wind velocity across the wing.

Improved AnswerAircrafts are able to hover with no forward speed.

The Harrier and the F-35Bs can both do it.

Basically, how they work is similar to helicopters

Instead of forward thrust for lift (like other aircrafts),

The thrust points downward to push the body up.

Both aircrafts' body and flaps are designed to either cruise or takeoff/land vertically

These two are the only two on top of my head, not sure if there are others like them

Oh, and one more thing: these aircrafts are called VSTOL aircrafts (stands for Vertical Short Take Off and Landing)

Hope that helps!

2010-03-31 04:37:43
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Q: How can airplanes hover with no forward speed?
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Do commercial airoplanes hover?

Airplanes, by design, can not hover. They can only achieve lift in the air by forward movement. Sometimes very large airplanes appear to hover when there is nothing in the background to judge the speed against.

What airplanes hover?


What can helicopters do that airplanes cannot?

1. Hover. 2. Take-off and land vertically. Although there are airplanes (such as the Harrier) which can do these things.

Can airplanes stop in air?

An airplane can have zero ground speed if the wind is going faster then the stall speed of the plane. Some planes made for the military also have thrust vectoring that is capable of allowing the plane to hover.

What can helicopters do that airplanes can' t?

They can land in small spaces and hover in flight

What is the difference between the way an airplane and helicopter fly?

Airplanes can not fly straight up and down or hover.

What is the difference between the way an airplane fly and a helicopter?

Airplanes can not hover or fly straight up and down

Is it reasonable to add the forward speed of the earth to the forward speed of the sun and then to the forward speed of the galaxy in order to find the total forward speed of the earth?

Yes,because it is reasonable

How do airplanes propel themselves forward?

They either have a piston engine with a propeller or a jet that thrusts them forward.

Do airplanes defy gravity?

No. The wings are shaped such that there is constant updraft on the wings that holds the plane up so long as the forward speed continues above a certain level.

What can an airplane do that a helicopter can not?

Airplanes can cruise faster in forward flight.

What is the difference between the flight of a plane and a helicopter?

Both use the pressure difference caused by air moving over the wings at different speeds to generate lift; a plane by moving those wings in the direction of travel, a helicopter by spinning the "wings" around at high speed. This requies that the plane be in constant forward motion in order for the wings to make lift. Thus airplanes must roll along the runaway to take-off. A helicopter cant take off at zero forward speed and hover at zero forward speed. The helicopter can land and take off vertically. Thus, they are good for landing in unimproved spots such as done by air ambulances.

Can airplanes hover?

In general no they cannot however there are some specially adapted army ones that can these are The Harrier and the F-35 lightning.

Are airplanes jets?

Yes some airplanes are jets and no some airplanes are not jets. Airplanes that can fly faster than the speed of sound(break the sound barrier) are called jets.

Can aeroplane stay in air at one place?

Almost all aeroplanes need to have a forward speed to ensure they stay in the air, one exception is the Harrier Jump Jet, which has a unique ability to hover in one place.

Airplanes fly at what speed?

They eat cham chowder. Why?

What is the cruising speed of airplanes?

Averages 370 knots

What does the lifting force on an airplanes wing do?

increases with speed

Why do airplanes need so much speed to take off?

Airplanes need a lot of speed to take off because they are not designed for vertical takeoff and are to heavy to do so.

Do commercial airlines stop in the air?

No. It is not aerodynamically possible for a regular passenger airplane to do that If the airplane even just slows down, past what is called it's "stall speed", it will fall from the sky. Some military airplanes can hover in the air, but it uses a lot of fuel.

How do speed trains use magnets to hover over the tracks?

In physics ,magnetism

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What is the meaning of propulsion?

propulsion makes something move forward,for example;airplanes have propulsion because without propulsion it would not move forward.

Do airplanes fly backwards?

Airplanes can have a zero or negative ground speed, but the only thing that is important to maintain flight is airspeed.

What was the speed of an airplane in 1950?

Airplanes all have different speeds.