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You should be running an 'AVS' check which means the customer tells you the billing address of the card and you are only supposed to ship to that particular billing address. If the charge is disputed you can demonstrate that in fact you shipped to the proper address, if not you will lose the chargeback and now YOU are the victim of fraud (consumers really have very little to worry about with credit card fraud from what I have seen). Foreign transactions get trickier because many of those systems do not support the Address Verification System. Here is a rule of thumb that I follow, if its Japan, Australia, or any country in the EU I will take the risk. I will never ship to the Third World on a credit card.

I don't know why everyone bangs on about AVS which is frankly rubbish. There are systems out there that can tell you how far apart the customer's billing address and IP address are which is much more reliable!

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Q: How can an Internet merchant check to be sure a credit card is not stolen?
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Merchant accounts typicaly require a credit check. Google Checkout is available without a merchant account.

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yes you can have merchant account eventhough you have bad credit, check on this

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How much does it cost small buisnesses to allow credit cards?

check with your banks merchant services

Where can one check to see if their identity has been stolen?

There are websites available to help one determine if their identity has been stolen. One can also check their credit card statements for charges that are not familiar.

Where is a safe place to check your credit score on the Internet? is a safe, easy way to check your credit report online.

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Your credit score should not suffer if you have charges on a stolen car. Make sure you check with your bank.

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There are several ways to obtain your annual credit check. I personally have my loan officer at my bank do mine. The internet has many credit check companies listed that he can try also. If he chooses to use the internet he should use caution since it will be asking for his personal information.

Does merchant services offer credit card services for a small business?

Check out your local Yellow pages. Check the front and/or the back of the book for coupons. This will help you find a reliable professional of your liking.

Is an online merchant account good for those people selling on eBay?

Yes, an online merchant account would offer Ebay buyers a secure way to make purchases using their credit cards. Pay Pal and Merchant Express are a few check-out options that are easy to use.

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