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First I want to congratulate you for asking this question. Few people with this problem actually recognise it. We spend so much time hearing from people who have been abused, but hear little from the people who have difficulty restraining their emotions. For that reason I have had difficulty finding resources for you. There must be something out there!

The usual route through the medical profession would be a referral to a psychiatrist, who may provide medications to reduce mood swings. They may provide councelling directly, but would be more likely to refer you to a councellor. A councellor would probably spent time with you on a one-to-one basis, until you feel confortable dealing with the situation. Finally, they may be able to refer you to a group session with other people with similar problems. This may be the most effective approach because you will be able relate well to other people who have experienced the same emotions.

Look on the back of your insurance card. Many have a special 1-800 number (like an anonymous hotline) to request help with "behavioral services" or "psychiatric help". Usually, if you call these numbers they put you in touch with a councellor who can talk about your options.

I am DJ Craig's Dad and I am a primary care doctor.

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Q: How can an abuser stop abusing?
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Does anyone know what the Help Stop Help Method is for stopping customer verbal abuse on the phone?

If someone is abusing you over the phone then the first thing you can do is ask them to stop the abuse. If they will not stop the abuse then you can warn them you will stop the call. If that will stop the abuse then disconnect the abuser and tell your supervisor who was the person who was abusing you. In responsible companies some supervisors will ring the abuser to find out why they were abusing you and what will be done to those people if the abuse happens again

What steps must a drug abuser follow in order to stop abusing drugs?

The 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous .

What are the penalties in court for abusing someone?

The abuser would probably have to go to jail.

Is this a correct phase substance abusing?

No. The correct form would be substance abuse or substance abuser.

How do I stop verbally abusing my spouse?

You can stop verbally abusing your spouse by appreciating her role in the family.

Why should abusing stop?

Abusing should stop because its wrong, and cruel. How would you like to be abused?

How do you stop dog abuse?

stop abusing it

What can you do to stop your girlfriends parents from emotionally abusing her?

You try to stop them abusing her. If that doesn't work then tell them you will call the police

Will an emotional and verbal abuser ever stop abusing even in a new relationship?

Abuse stems from the abuser, not from the relationship - so a change of partner won't in itself change much (or anything). An abuser needs appropriate counselling or therapy to deal with the problem. The first step of course is for him or her to acknowledge that there is a problem and that needs attending to. I hope this is some help. All the best - Joncey

How do you get your dad to stop abusing you physically emotionally and mentally?

It's not up to you to stop your father from abusing you physically and emotionally. His abusive behaviour is not about you; it is not a reflection of your character. It is solely about his own mental and emotional state. Your duty is to get away from the abuser, to find a safe haven, and to report him to the authorities. Let the courts and the healthcare system deal with your father. It's not your fault, nor your responsibility. Your job is to get out of there alive.

What happens to a animal abuser after found abusing a animal?

The abuser goes to court. If ruled guilty... The abusers has usually 5-25 years of jail time. Most of it depends on what county and state the abuser went to court in. The abuser goes to court. If ruled guilty... The abusers has usually 5-25 years of jail time. Most of it depends on what county and state the abuser went to court in.

Can you say to an abuser that you love him?

No, you should never tell an abuser you love them and if you think you love them then you need psychological counseling because abusing a person is not about love. You don't hurt the ones you love! Get out of this relationship while you still can!

Can an abuser stop the abuse?

With therapy, yes. It takes dedication and a real desire to stop the abuse.AnswerYes, but they do not want to. In their minds, they love control. With abusing a person comes control with all its benefits. These types doubt their masculinity and control makes them feel in charge and powerfull. The abuser has everyone at his mercy, he gets things his way. For example, an abuser can skip you birthday sometimes without any real conflict. The victim is worn down and afraid to speak up and if she does it gets shoved down her throat! The abuser therefore, does not have to bother with anything that requires getting off the couch.

How do you stop abuse?

Get as far away from the abuser as possible

What is the noun of the word abused?

The word abused is the past tense of the verb to abuse. The noun forms for the verb are abuse, abuser, and the gerund, abusing.

Does the abuser really love the person being abused?

No the abuser does not love that person they love controlling and abusing that person and that's it. It is difficult for there to be love in an abusive relationship. The abuser can not truly give love or receive it because he or she is mentally disabled. The abusive personality is a mental disorder and the abuser needs to seek psychiatric help. An abusive relationship is not a healthy one and no matter what the abuser says, he or she can not love you, it is obsession and control that drives an abusive partner.

How can a drug abuser stop taking drugs?

by getting to a rehab

How does animal abuse effect the abuser?

It affects the abuser emotionally because they might be that animasl best friend and later they will feel guilty. they also have to take into acount the consequences that could come with the fact of just abusing the animal and possibly killing it.

How do you get your dad to stop abusing you in every way?

call the police

When do you stop praying for your abuser after you've left and move on with your own life?

never stop, its good to continue praying.

Can a doctor stop your medication without notice?

yes if he belives your abusing

How do you stop going back to your emotional abuser?

bros before hoes dude

Can the person abusing an elderly go to jail?

A person who abuses an elder person who has no control and can not defend themselves is of low character and yes, if there are marks on the victim and the abuse has been reported to police the abuser can and should go to jail

The power relationship between the abuser and the victim?

The victim has no power or they would not be abused. The abuser always has the control. Children and the elderly are victimized often in society as well as men and women. The abuser will start out by abusing psychologically and 'put down' their victim until they leave their victim confused with no self confidence. The abuser may threaten to leave their victim (this is terrifying to the elderly); leave the wife and take the children; talk of killing the victim or anyone that is close to them. The abuser often isolates their victim so their victim has no family or friends to turn too and they have to suffer in silence and depend on their abuser.

If your wife keeps yelling at you to get you do do something until you get mad and yell harsh words to get her to stop are you a abuser?

yes and no. you should tell her to stop, but kindly . but whatever reason could possibly make her push you? That's the reason she could be the abuser