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How can an account on get deleted?

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i cant be deleted because you had already made and how could you delete it you cant hack anyone so it cant be deleted to: from:Bratzzzz Um... you can give me that account send it in my email

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How do you register on be-bratzcom?

The way to m

How do you get your account from Google if it is deleted?

If your account is deleted, you have to create a new one..

How do you get back a deleted google account?

You can't. When it is deleted it is deleted forever.

What is a secret code for Bratzcom?


How do you restore your Gmail account?

You can restore your account easily. However once deleted, the account cannot be restrored. It is deleted permanently.

How do you open deleted Gmail account?

Deleted Gmail account cannot be opened. Once deleted, it is lost forever. You have to create another one for that.

How do you delete your account on imesh?

imesh account never can changed or deleted your name or personal id or ......

How do I unlink by YouTube account to my Google account when my YouTube account is deleted?

You can't delete your youtube account without unlinking it to your google account. If you did, it either already was unlinked, a bug, or not deleted

How can I recover my deleted snapchat account?

You need someone like mihacker078@gmailcom to help you

Is there a way to delete an account on HorseIsle?

Don't log in for 60+ days. Your account will be deleted. You could also e-mail the admins requesting that your account be deleted.

How do you get your deleted MySpace account back?

get myspace account back

Can a yahoo email account be found after it was deleted?

no it can not be found. After you have deleted it, it's gone.

What does this means someone account has been deactivated?

It meanS you deactivated it that you deleted your account your accounts been deleted or temporarily un available

How do you get mydeleted imvu account back?

You can't. Once you've deleted your account, you've deleted it. There's no way to get it back, other than create a new account.

Will my psn account be deleted if you click delete on my psp account?


How do you get your weheartit account back if its deleted?

How can I make new account in weheartit ?!

How do you get your deleted stardoll account back?

I'm afraid that if your SD account was deleted, there is no way to get it back! One of my older accounts was hacked and deleted and I tried to get it back again and again, but there is no way you CAN get it back!

How do you hack your deleted account back on ROBLOX?

You can't. And if your account was deleted that means you must have done some pretty bad stuff several times unless you were hacked yourself and then got deleted.

How can you delete your Bellasara account?

I have deleted my daughters account by emailing and writing please remove {account username} from your database. They emailed me back to confirm the deleted account. Hope this helps everyone!

How to you reactivate your myyearbook account if it got accidentally got deleted?

u cant if u have deleted it u can start a new account though

How can you get rid of your MySpace?

If you have an account that you wish to dismiss, go into Edit Account when you are already logged in. Go to Account Settings, and there will be a "Delete Account" button. You will have to confirm your details by an email, but your account will be sucsessfully and permantly deleted and all your details will be deleted.

How do you stop a gmail account being deleted because of age?

Age is a policy for deciding who can create an email account. If you are under 13 years, you cannot create one. The account will be deleted then.

If you cancel builders club does you account get deleted?


Can a contributor ask for their account to be deleted?


Why did my account restart on Evony?

There are many reasons, because u didn't log on for a long time, someone knew your account and deleted it or u deleted it.