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How can an ectomorph body type gain weight?

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Sometimes I think on how to become an average person. Because my

body was so thin so, one day when I was alone and lonely tired for

my self in thinking to cure for that such kind of problem on my

own. Then one day I've found out this only one thing that can help

me this very awful thing. so I am trying to go to gym and start

gaining my self weight Ive tried the profan it is a multi vitamins.

first time I've tried this it makes me feel sleepy,hungry, so I've

give my self of what i want then one day I've found out that iove

gain so much things I've gain my weight that i want to gained for

my self so now my self was fully contented,because i love my new

body. that was my experience I've can share to gain this kind of


Some people with the ectomorph body type have a physical problem

such as an adrenal disorder, resulting from years of stress.

Gaining any kind of weight for someone who is ectomorphic requires

lots of protein in the diet. You need a good nutritious diet so

that you body can use it as muscle rather than burning it up. Eat

fruits and vegetables eat day, and make sure that proteins fill the

main part of your diet. Ironically, you should also exercise some

so that you can build muscle with the proteins that you eat.

Ectomorphs burn food instead of storing it as fat, but exercising

helps to use it to form some muscle which will be used throughout

your body to fill you out a little.

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