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How can an ectomorph body type gain weight?

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Sometimes I think on how to become an average person. Because my body was so thin so, one day when I was alone and lonely tired for my self in thinking to cure for that such kind of problem on my own. Then one day I've found out this only one thing that can help me this very awful thing. so I am trying to go to gym and start gaining my self weight Ive tried the profan it is a multi vitamins. first time I've tried this it makes me feel sleepy,hungry, so I've give my self of what i want then one day I've found out that iove gain so much things I've gain my weight that i want to gained for my self so now my self was fully contented,because i love my new body. that was my experience I've can share to gain this kind of weight.

Some people with the ectomorph body type have a physical problem such as an adrenal disorder, resulting from years of stress. Gaining any kind of weight for someone who is ectomorphic requires lots of protein in the diet. You need a good nutritious diet so that you body can use it as muscle rather than burning it up. Eat fruits and vegetables eat day, and make sure that proteins fill the main part of your diet. Ironically, you should also exercise some so that you can build muscle with the proteins that you eat. Ectomorphs burn food instead of storing it as fat, but exercising helps to use it to form some muscle which will be used throughout your body to fill you out a little.

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What is Channing Tatum's height and weight?

6 ft 1, 180 lbs (81kg) ectomorph body type

What body type is tall and thin?

Ectomorph is a tall and thin body type.

What is an endomorph?

this refers to one of the 3 principle body types mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph endomorph describes a fat body type mesomorph--> muscular body type ectomorph--->thin/skinny body type

Check the area that applies to an ectomorph body type?

young appearance

Individuals with a mesomorph body type will grow muscle more quickly than those with an ectomorph body type?


Which body type is described as having a young appearance mesomorph ectomorph endomorph?

Which body type is described as having a young appearance

Why can you eat whatever you want and not gain weight?

Genetics play a major role in why some individuals can eat freely without gaining weight.One theory suggests that there are three (3) different body types. Ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs.Someone with an endomorph body type typically gains weight very easily and has trouble shedding it.Someone with a mesomorph body type typically both gains and loses body weight very easily.Someone with an ectomorph body type typically has difficulty gaining weight.this can also mean that you have a high mitabalism. that means that when you eat alot of food you burn it off by being hyper. people with this tend to be very hyperactive.

Can using body lotions cause weight gain?

No, standard body lotions should not make you gain weight. However for a more accurate answer I would need to know the type of body lotion you are using and how often?

What are three different body types?

There is the ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. You can't be all of one. Usually you are mainly one body type with characteristics of the others.

What is a mesomorph body type?

mesomorphic body type is athletic in nature.These people will have a rectangular shape with large muscles.The body is muscular in nature.They gain muscles very quickly than any body types.They are able to gain or lose weight quickly.They have thick skin and hair.

What kind of sports can a ectomorph do?

Ectomorphs can do any sport!! You body shape does not have as much impact on which sport you can play as much ability. Yes ectomorphs may not be come O line men or body builders but what they lack in size and power they make up with speed and endurance. So look at sports highlight you natural abilities but in saying that Wayne Gretzky is a Ectomorph and is consider the best hockey player to ever play the game. Also with repettion and hard work you can build muscle or change you body type a little. Many players of contact sports are either Ectomorphs or Endomorphs and either gain or lose weight to look more like the Mesomorph. Once they stop playing the sport they then revert to their natural body type.

What type of supplements make your body gain weight?

There are many dietary supplements that can help you gain weight. Some of these supplements are beta alanine, branched chain amino acids, creatine monohydrate, and whey and casein protein powders.

Will you gain weight if you eat after you work out?

Yes but you need to gain to good type of weight. After you work out, eat a salad & drink water, eat some veggies and fruits. Fat free things. You'll gain the right type of weight, for your muscles and what not.

How many pounds do you have to lose to be a cheerleader?

none. there is no specific weight requirement to be a cheerleader. girls of all shapes and sizes can be great cheerleaders and maintain a healthy weight for their specific body type. there are different jobs or things that cheerleaders do......the base cheerleaders of pyramid formations need to have more muscle and weight that the person being tossed 10' feet or more in a basket toss is all relevant to the jobs of the cheerleaders and the body type of the cheerleader........there are short cheerleaders, medium cheerleaders and tall cheerleaders........body types of us all, ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph mean different sizes hence different weight for each category or body type..........

What sports need body composition?

All sports need body composition. There are three different types of body type: Mesomroph - Think M for muscular - This body type is muscular, an upside down christmas tree body type Endomorph - Think D for donut - This body type is fat basically Ectomorph - This is the last body type and the only one remaining - skinny, think of your classic kenyan long distance athletes

Does lays chips make you gain weight?

Yes. Any type of potato chips, if consumed in high quantities, will make you gain weight.

How many pounds should a 32 year old be?

A person's weight depends upon their body type, muscle mass, height, and genetics. Talk to your doctor before deciding to gain/loose weight.

What is the average weight for a 10 rear old girl?

It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.It depends on height, age, and body type. There is not enough information to give an accurate weight.

How much weight can a person gain by using endura mass a weight gain supplement?

There are number of Ayurvedic weight gainer products available in market and on e-commerce websites. People generally questioned that which weight gainer is suitable for them and how they can select weight gainer product. So, take one thing in your mind while selecting weight gaining products, the product should be completely free from side effects and adversity and doesn't possess any type of interaction with other medicaments. You can try Ayurvedic weight gain products such as Accumass weight gain supplements. Accumass Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain enriched with natural ingredients that are proven to be naturally weight gaining agents. The ingredients used in Accumass such as Shatavari, Mircha, Ela and Pippali helps to improve appetite and pacify the body constitution. Accumass weight gain supplements also contain natural weight gaining ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Gokshura and Musali. Accumass weight gain granules also contain iron content ingredients like Draksha and kharjura that helps the body to gain weight. With all these ingredients Accumass enables to increase body weight in natural and healthy way

How many days a week would you work out for weight loss/weight gain?

Usually, it is advised that you work out daily if you are looking at balancing you weight whether it is weight loss or weight gain. Still, it depends upon your body type and its response to workout and nutrition plans you are adhering to. For best answer to this question, log on to bodyandstrength

The Classification Of Personality Types Given By Sheldon?

William Sheldon classified personality according to persons body type. He called this classification a somatotype. The three personality types are endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

What type of food do you need to eat to gain weight?

type doesnt matter... it's quantity that matters.

Can taking Zoloft cause you to gain weight?

Unlike Remeron, Zoloft/Prozac/Effexor type antidepressants generally do not result in directly causing weight gain, though increased caloric intake from resolution of depression may result in a natural weight gain.

Do Burger King foods make you gain weight?

How did you type a complete sentence, yet not master the simple concept that eating Burger King does indeed make you gain weight?

What if your ideal body healthy body weight can only be determined by what is attainable for your?

Body type