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How can computers help you?


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November 01, 2008 10:37PM

Computers can help you in many different ways. Messaging: If you know that someone will be on their computer at home, you can email them a message, instead of a long chat on the 'dog n bone' (phone). Homework or Projects: If you have homework to do and the public libraries don't interest you with any information, the internet is a great place to quickly type in the subject you're looking for and there is bound to be at least one website containing some info you need. Work: When you're older and have a job, you need to quickly write things down, but if you have a laptop near by, bullet points on Word can come in handy! It's neatly jotted down and you can actually read it!!! You have the option to change fonts or underline the important bits or highlight them in RED! You can even save it onto the computer so it's there for other uses, or print it out or copy it onto a USB (Memory Stick) so you can transfer it to other computers it to other students or teachers. Gaming: For young children to late teens, the computer is a great creation, used for listening to music or just the ordinary site searching for games that catches your eye. There is many games to choose from such as: Dress-up, Racing, Make-Over, Cooking and much more...and if the internet games don't fancy you, then you can always put in one of those fun CD-Roms like Sims or Britannica for that great word (HOMEWORK)! Hope this helps, but I know that computers are a great thing to me, I just wish I had a new one! Hopefully that'll be my Christmas Present!!!