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If thermostat does not open - Vehicle will overheat in a short time - no heat If thermostat does no close - vehicle will not get to normal operating temperature - no heat

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Q: How can detect a bad car thermostat?
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How do you detect a bad transmission?

You can detect a bad transmission using a diagnostic computer provided by the car's manufacturer or the car dealer. You can also detect this problem when the car fails to shift correctly or does not shift into a gear at all.

Will a bad thermostat make your car overheat?


What happens when your thermostat goes bad?

When a thermostat goes bad in a vehicle, it can make your car overheat. It can also make it t where you do not have any heat inside your car.

Would a bad thermostat cause overheating in 1997 ford probe?

Yes a bad thermostat would cause overheating in any car. A thermostat regulates the temperature.

How do you know when a thermostat has gone bad?

Car overheats, your heat in your car stops working

How do you know when your thermostat is bad?

when the car overheats or you have poor heat coming out of the heater.

What will cause the water to not flow freely and the car overheat?

A bad thermostat, or in rare cases, a bad water pump.

Why does car gets hot?

Stuck thermostat or bad water pump or bad heater core or clogged radiator.

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to die and not start back up?

Not usually. But it will cause it to overheat. What kind of car?

How do you determine if your thermostat is bad?

When the car is hot, squeeze the upper radiator hose. If it feels soft, then the thermostat is not opening and therefore bad. If you squeeze the hose and its hard to squeeze, then it is pressurized and the thermostat is open. That is one way to check if the thermostat is stuck closed. If the thermostat is stuck open, then in cold conditions the car will take a long time to produce hot air from the heater.

What are the signs of a Thermostat going bad on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

less heat in your car

Can a bad thermostat cause your car to run cold?

If stuck open the car will run cold. If stuck closed the car will run hot.

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