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Fax machine or internet fax service is useful in universities due to the fact that both can transmit a copy or image of important documents such as forms, receipts or any legal documents required in the university.

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Q: How can fax be useful in a university?
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Why might it be useful to add a fax modem to a computer system?

to use dialup internet, or use your computer as a fax machine

What is Dominican University of California's motto?

The motto of Dominican University of California is 'Veritas Fax Ardens'.

How are fax are useful to office?

Faxes are useful to an office as they allow an office to send and recieve documents electronically, and have a conformation that the machine on the other end received the transmission.

How are fax machines useful to offices?

The allow offices to send and receive copies of documents to other offices with fax machines almost instantaneously. A fax machine also has the benefit of issuing a confirmation page, that is a receipt and proof of the document being send.

May i have the Fax number of university of southcentral Los Angeles inc?

the fax not listed you can call for fax number at 323-319-5102 between 10am-4pm mon- fri if you call befor or after you might get an automated system

What is the motto of University of Strathclyde?

The motto of University of Strathclyde is 'The Place of Useful Learning'.

Why do you need a fax?

Faxes are useful, especially online faxes, as they are easy and save you money and time: - you save money on ink and paper - you use less energy - you don' t have to wait endlessly until your fax is send - you can archive all your online fax - you don't need to install any software nor buy a fax machine

What are the benefits of broadcast fax service?

A broadcast fax service can be useful is you want to send something to a number of people. It may be that you have something time sensitive like a news article and you wish to send it to a number of people.

What are the advantages of a fax?

Fax has an advantage over mail and courier in that it can transmit a document faster.Fax has an advantage over email and other electronic records as it can produce a "confirmation page" that shows that the message was successfully received by the other fax machine.Very useful in transmitting a copy or image of important documents especially in long distances. With the rise of the email by fax technology, the process become so instant and very cost effective.

Why fax more useful than email?

When you use fax, you are able to send long distance messages and paperworks to a person. When you use email, you are able to communicate with a person of more than one person internationally. Both are very useful and each one fulfills the lacking part of the other, to send important papers and to communicate.

How can you send a fax from a fax machine?

Feed the fax file in fax machine, dial the fax number then after a ring tone press send. Then Fax will be sent.

How is art useful?

It helps you when you say what subjects you dofor a University

How do you receive a fax in fax machine?

To receive a fax in a fax machine: 1) connect the fax machine to a phone line 2) have the person sending the fax send the fax to the phone/fax line number 3) receive the fax with the fax machine. Most fax machines should be set to automatically receive, however some will need you to press the "ok" or green button when the fax line is ringing.

What is the address and telephone number of Harvard University?

The address and telephone number for Harvard University is:Harvard UniversityUniversity HallCambridge, MA 02138-3800MA Tel. 617-495-1000Fax 617-495-0754

Does a fax machine have to be on 'fax' or 'copy' to receive a fax?

fax - copy is used to photocopy a document

What is the working system of fax and telegram in physics?

fax and telegram fax and telegram fax and telegram

How does one obtain an internet fax number?

One can obtain an internet fax number from the following sources: eFax, Soho666, My Fax, Fax Better, Pop Fax, Go Daddy, Max Email, Metro Fax, Trust Fax, Click Fax.

Differences between a fax modem and a fax machine?

As nouns the difference between fax and printer is that fax is fax (machine) while printer is one who makes prints.

What is dedicated fax machine?

Dedicated fax machine is the main fax machine that can be configured to where the fax will be receive and support extension fax machine.

What is a fax card?

Fax card is basically fax memory.

Can you email a fax machine?

Yes, but fax machine will read it as fax files. You only need to use fax software or internet fax services.

What is the difference between fax and tel fax?

On a business card, a telephone number marked as "Tel/Fax" can be used for either voice or fax. A number marked as "Fax" is a dedicated fax number.

Do you need a fax number to send faxes from a personal fax machine?

Yes. You need a fax number for the fax to send to. As well the fax you are sending from would need a fax number as well.

How do you email to fax number?

Its not email, it is fax, Sending fax or email to fax machine is called faxing. Files are automatically converted into fax files when using internet fax service provider. Try extremefax internet fax service.

How do you use my mobile as fax want to fax a file from my laptop?

Your laptop can be a fax machine. Use internet fax or online fax to send and receive fax. You can also subscribe internet fax service provider at very low cost.