How can i lose weight without pills?

The science behind losing weight is exerting more energy than you take in so you need to eat foods with less energy than you are burning by exercising and generally living. Keep a watch of how much energy (kilojoules/ calories) you eat and keep exercising and you should lose weight. Note: High fat/ sugar foods contain more energy than low fat/ sugar foods so these are best to eat because you can eat more and fill up better. Weight watchers is a great place to go to understand how much energy you can eat before you start putting on weight as they use a very basic system of giving all food items a number and you can only eat a certain number a day e.g. I went to weight watchers and was allowed to eat 20 points a day. An example of a point in one average apple = 1 point. 1 slice of bread = 1 point. Average bowl of low fat/ sugar cereal = 1 1/2 points. 1 piece of deep fried fish = 10 points!! So this way it was very easy to control how much food i could eat, and the bonus was they also told you what exercises you could do to be able to eat more points in a day. It is a very good weight loss plan and it definitely works! Good luck on your weight loss journey.