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How can judgment be lifted if you start paying on it?

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April 01, 2005 5:07PM

Once a debt is defaulted the balance is due in full. Even in collections, the time is past when a consumer should think of making payments. This is especially true once a judgment has been granted by a court of law. A judgement requires a legal disposition. Paying the amount would not "lift" the judgment. However, upon payment in FULL, the defendant would be able to go back to court to obtain the disposition which is a Satisfaction of Judgment. In order for future credit applications not to be impaired by this issue, it is imperative for the defendant to obtain the disposition, have it recorded in the same jurisdiction as the original filing, and forward a certified copy to all 3 credit reporting agencies. Depending upon the states' laws which govern this judgment, the defendant may be able to have the judgment dismissed with an Order to Vacate Judgment. This would "lift" the judgment, as a judge would declare the legal action invalid. If the debt and the legal procedure were valid, the chances of this happening are slim.