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Once a debt is defaulted the balance is due in full. Even in collections, the time is past when a consumer should think of making payments. This is especially true once a judgment has been granted by a court of law. A judgement requires a legal disposition. Paying the amount would not "lift" the judgment. However, upon payment in FULL, the defendant would be able to go back to court to obtain the disposition which is a Satisfaction of Judgment. In order for future credit applications not to be impaired by this issue, it is imperative for the defendant to obtain the disposition, have it recorded in the same jurisdiction as the original filing, and forward a certified copy to all 3 credit reporting agencies. Depending upon the states' laws which govern this judgment, the defendant may be able to have the judgment dismissed with an Order to Vacate Judgment. This would "lift" the judgment, as a judge would declare the legal action invalid. If the debt and the legal procedure were valid, the chances of this happening are slim.

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Q: How can judgment be lifted if you start paying on it?
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How can judgement be lifted if you start paying on it?

A judgement can be lifted on only after it's payed off.

Can you satisfy judgment for restitution without paying?

You can't satisfy a judgment for restitution without paying. That is the exact opposite of what the judgment is for. You can only erase a judgment by satisfying it.

If you are officially paying off a judgment today from 2000 will the statute of limitations start today or continue from 2000 to possibly leave next year in 2007?

It will start the day you pay off the judgment.

What do i have to do to get an injunction lifted against me in england?

To get an injunction lifted against you in England, you will need to satisfy the terms of the injunction. Usually this means paying the fees and fines.

Is bankruptcy and a county court judgment the same thing?

when automatic stay is lifted what can occur to the debtor?

Can your wages be garnished for not paying a student loan without getting a judgment?


A levy was lifted on the account now the creditor wants to garnish wages Can this be done?

Yes, a creditor can garnish wages even if a levy was lifted on the account. This would require a judgment and the court documents.

Does paying a judgment improve credit report?

Yes it does. It shows that eventually you do pay.

How do you repair landlord tenant judgment from your credit?

Paying the judgment will help, but you will have to wait 7 years for the judgment to fall off your credit. Once the judgment is paid, it will show other landlords that you will fulfill your obligations, regardless of the stain on your credit.

How do you satisfy an unsatisfied judgment after another collection agency bought the account from the first collection agency that originated the judgment?

you "satisfy" a judgment by paying balance in full or settlement. but understand that once a judgment has been issued by a court then there can be no one else that does this.

How to start to get judgment overturned?

You either move to modify, vacte, or alter the judgment or you can file an appeal.

Can you go to jail for not paying a bank loan?

Jail is not a penalty for not paying a bank loan. The bank can bring a judgment against the person who does not pay the loan back.

Judgment on the title for a hospital bill from 1977 the hospital revived the judgment 4-27- 06 what are the limitations for these things in Pennsylvania?

Paying the bill is one way to get the judgment to go away. But, almost 30 years???

Can you file bankruptcy on a civil lawsuit?

To avoid paying the judgment??? No. Court-ordered judgments are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Can you be put in jail for not paying a judgment against you?

No. Judgments for debt owed is a civil matter not a criminal one.

Is alimony considered a judgment?

You bet! You can get taken to court for not paying. I don't believe that you can chapter 7 it either.

I recently received a civil case judgment which the defendant was found personally liable not his business?

If the defendant was found personally liable, you may not receive much from this judgment. A judgment just says the money is owed, it doesn't provide the remedy for paying it.

How long do you have to appeal a judgment?

In Ohio it is 30 days. It maybe diffent in other states. * The average time limit is 20 days although it will vary depending upon the state law, therefore it can be as short as 10 days from the time the judgment is entered. This applies to appeal only not to the filing of a motion to have the judgment lifted.

When does the unsatisfied judgment start?

The unsatisfied judgment usually start when a given person is not given a fair trial. A person should be given a fair trial and to express his side of the story.

If you make a payment on a debt can they still file for a judgment?

Off course. A payment not paying it off.The judgement is to asure you will.

If I have a judgment lien and and have paid it in full what is that called?

Paying a judgment lien in full is generally considered to be a "satisfaction of judgment". Terminology may differ from one state to another based on its laws and customs. In New Jersey, the holder of a judgment that is paid in full must give the debtor a document entitled "Warrant of Satisfaction of Judgment". The debtor sends this document to the state office where judgments are docketed so that the judgment can be listed as paid and the judgment lien removed.

When did the Olympics start paying for medals?


Can you write off a judgment on your taxes?

I assume the judgment is against you. If you held the judgment, you will have received money and that may or may not be income. If you pay a judgment against you, whether or not you can "write it off" will depend entirely on what kind of judgment it is. Also, you may be able to write it off for state tax purposes but not federal and vice versa. Usually, paying most judgments does not affect taxes.

Can a person be put in jail for not paying a judgment?

NO * No, owing a judgment is not a criminal offense. The judgment creditor can execute the judgment against debtor's property to recover monies owed. The preferred method of collecting on a judgment is wage garnishment or bank account levy (including joint accounts). Other options available to the judgment creditor are the seizure and liquidation of non exempt property belonging to the debtor, or liens against real property.

Can a person in who files bankruptcy get out of paying a court awarded judgment in Arizona?

Yes. Not if the judgment was for a case involving fraud. And the state doesn't make any difference, unless there is a state bankruptcy procedure that you are using.