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It depends what is broken at the soldering iron. It can be that the equipment should be repaired by a professional electrotechnican. It is not recommended to fix tools like this by the person itself.

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Q: How can one fix a soldering equipment like the soldering iron?
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How to fix speedometer Nissan Sentra 1993?

buy a new one and wire it up with a soldering iron

How do you fix your laptop casing?

If you mean cracked get a soldering iron and go over the crack very carefully to weld it back together.

How do you fix your pick-ups on your guitar?

You need a soldering iron and some solder for a lose wire, anything other then that I would recommend bringing it to a shop.

How do you fix a leak in the AC unit?

With torches and soldering sticks.

Give you a sentence for equipment?

Equipment is a tool like a pencil or tools to fix cars. I wanted to change a flat tire on my car but I didn't have the right equipment. A dentist needs to have a lot of equipment to fix teeth.

How can I fix a cracked copper pipe?

To repair a cracked copper pipe, you'll need to remove the cracked section and using a soldering iron and torch to replace the section with new pipe.

How do you fix your Xbox 360 mic?

There are two parts of the headset, the microphone and the speaker. to fix the speaker: take the foam off the speaker, press in the four tabs with a knife or screwdriver and pull out the speaker. Look for loose connections and fix them with a soldering iron and solder. to fix the microphone: the wires that control the microphone are the white and bare wires. there is a circuit board inside the earpiece of the headset and there should be four connections (2 white and 2 bare) on the top. there may be wires loose or a bad connection. you can fix these with a soldering iron and solder, but unless you are good at soldering i recommend that you stick with cleaning it. and maybe use some electrical tape. the speaker part of the headset is an easy fix but if you find that it is the microphone, you might just go get a new one and save yourself some time because the mic is difficult for a new solderer to fix.

Can you fix a crack in the radiator on your 2000 Mazda mpv?

You could try soldering

How do you fix onoff switch on guitar amps?

Open up your amp and see if there is loose wiring on your on/off switch. If so, you can take a soldering iron and fix it. If that doesn't work, or that's not the problem, then you can take it in to a guitar shop for a replacement switch, which will only cost you around $10.

What is soldering lead?

Soldering lead is a material used to join or to fuse metal together. It is commonly used to fix common electronic devices such as televisions, radios and other electronic appliances.

Is it better to get replacement parts for broken farm equipment or buy new equipment?

It's much cheaper to get replacement parts and instructions and fix it yourself. Things like that are pretty easy to fix with diagrams honestly. I would look it up on there are instructions to fix most things on there.

How do you fix a guitar soldering problem?

Re-salder or take it to your local Guitar Repair Shop It Depends on your Saldering problem

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