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My wife bumped into my car with hers and put a dent in her 2008 Camry bumper. I had to take off the bumper to pop out the dent - here is how i did it:

First, I started in the passenger side rear wheel well. There is a screw at the bottom and just unscrew it.

After that, there is another screw holding on that side of the bumper. If you look at the line that separates the bumper cowling with the frame, there is another screw about three inches from the wheel well along that line.

To get to it, you can feel for an opening under it that feels like you are sticking your finger into a test tube. Unscrew that screw and you are finished with that side of the car.

Once I unscrewed those two screws, I was able to pull that side of the bumper cover off. If you look under the very back of the car, you will notice some more screws that hold on the bumper, including one of those plastic pieces that too many cars use these days. Since my wife only bumped the passenger rear, I only disassembled the right side of the bumper, popped the bump out and reattached that side of it. I figure you could just repeat the process with the driver side and then see where the other attach points are by gently tugging on the bumper. I do not know how to take out those little plastic plugs and be able to reuse them - that is why I didn't go farther than I did. I hope this helps a little.

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Q: How can one remove rear bumper cover on a Toyota Camry?
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