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If you are asking how to remove the dashboard trim, remove the ash tray to access two screws holding the panel in. After removing these two, the panel just snaps in.

If you are asking how to remove the radio itself, Ford uses a snap-in mount to speed up assembly. The only way to remove it is with the proper tools. These resemble two 'U'-shaped pieces of heavy gauge wire with a mitred notch cut into each end. The spacing of the 'U' bend matches the small holes in near the corners of the radio face plate. Two of these tools, one on each side, are inserted these holes deeply enough that they snap in place. Then apply sideways pressure on each side toward the center on the radio to release the spring catches and simultaneously pull outward on the 'U' shaped tools. The radio will slide right out.

To reinstall, remove the tools and just slide the radio back in until it snaps into place.

These tools are often supplied with aftermarket stereos or would be available anywhere that installs car stereos or at your Ford dealer. It you already had the dash panel removed, you could probably borrow a pair for a few seconds or hire them to pop it out for you. Good luck!

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Q: How can one remove the radio from a 1995 Ford Aerostar?
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