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How can outsourcing be stopped?

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Here are opinions and input from different FAQ Farmers: * By convincing employers that the investment in keeping jobs at home is the only way to avoid losing the market for their products. If all the jobs are outsourced, then there won't be any disposable income to spend on luxuries, like computers. The U. S. market will collapse, and trade will come to a standstill. All because executives are trying to keep profits at unrealistic levels, so that investers will favor the companies stock. The future is being sacrificed so that a few investers can spend their time sitting by the pool, instead of actually working for a living. Outsourcing is a way to keep the dividend checks flowing to the stockholders a little longer, so that the illusion of wealth can be maintained. * Outsourcing can only be stopped by big government. The government would need to completely close its borders to trade. Otherwise, companies that want to compete in a competitive marketplace with other companies offering the same products and services need to keep their costs down. Economists since Adam Smith have recognized that free trade is the better solution in the long run. The US economy was built on free trade. Other countries have tried to manipulate their economies and their people suffered for it. Consider this: how many Mexican companies outsource to the US? And would you like it if they did? Well making businesses realize that the economy ISN'T going to get better with more people being unemployed and that they are only causing a chain reaction in the economy. For instance, if you are laid off, you will only buy the essentials when your money is tight; food, water, etc. You won't buy items like DVDs, Video Games, etc., since they are non-essential to your survival. This means that the business that sells these goods now has a drop in sales, so they lay off people, who in turn can't buy items from other businesses, who in turn lay off even more people. See a pattern here?

2008-01-06 12:23:31
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What are the types of outsourcing?

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What is the difference between impact outsourcing solutions and strategic outsourcing solutions?

Strategic Outsourcing Solutions is an outsourcing company based in TonaWanda, NY. Impact Outsourcing Solutions is an outsourcing company based in Griffin, GA. They offer similar services, however Impact Outsourcing has a much larger customer base, several more locations, and is a more popular service in general.

Is India a outsourcing country?

Yes, India is one of the Asian outsourcing country. Other country for IT outsourcing Philippines, China and Indonesia.

Various stages in an outsourcing projects?

what are the various stages in an outsourcing project?

How do you get outsourcing from other company?

You can only get outsourcing from a target company if you make a query and ask if they need an outsourcing solution of a certain service or skill.

What are the differences between onshore and offshore software outsourcing?

Both of them are outsourcing services that deal with software development. The difference between them is that when you say "offshore", it means overseas. So if you avail of offshore software outsourcing, you are outsourcing software development to a different country. When you say onshore software outsourcing, it is still outsourcing but the company you outsourced the software development is within your country.

When was National Outsourcing Association created?

National Outsourcing Association was created in 1995.

what Multi country Payroll outsourcing?

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Who is already get involve with IT outsourcing?

Information technology outsourcing or ITO is a company's outsourcing of computer or Internet related work, such as programming, to other companies. It is used in reference to business process outsourcing or BPO, which is the outsourcing of the work that does not require much of technical skills. For other information. please visit our website.

What does 'outsourcing' mean?

Outsourcing basically means: the hiring of outside, independent workers to do some part of a company's job.

Why outsourcing is becoming a widely used approach?

Because by outsourcing the cost of support drops.

Why is outsourcing such an attractive way for firms to tap into foreign markets?

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What is verticity?

Verticity is a BPO firm offering outsourcing/offshoring services using its South Asian facility as an operations hub while also having a US corporate office in NY. Offshoring / IT outsourcing / Outsourcing / BPO Business Process Outsourcing

How does outsourcing produce winners and losers?

Outsourcing produces winners when the project was managed right by the right outsourcing provider, helping businesses gain revenues in the process. Outsourcing produces losers when expected results are not met or when costs tripled than lowered.

How do you find Outsourcing Companies in India?

Just do an online search and get the list of outsourcing companies in India.

What are the ratings and certificates for Outsourcing - 2007?

Outsourcing - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

What is recruitment process outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing is another form of business process outsourcing. This is where an employer transfers part or all of their recruiting processes to an external service provider.

What is information system outsourcing?

Information system outsourcing is the at of hiring a company to design, or manage your information system, instead of doing it yourself. Outsourcing helps businesses save money.

Would Accenture be considered a business process outsourcing company?

Accenture is considered a business processing outsourcing company. Outsourcing and management consulting are among their top services provided.

What will happen if the us stopped outsourcing?

pretty much, outsourcing is the best thing. if we didn't outsource, a pack of pop rocks would cost much more than 1.09 with tax. (its a product of Spain) some outsourcing is illegal, but that's the other country's responsibility. in my opinion, if the US were to stop all outsourcing, we would sink even deeper into the blackhole of the current economy... so... it would be very bad. you welcome :D But in my opinion it is not so if us sttoped its outsourcing from India it is not going to effect India up to more extenty because its going to provide intechtual base for India itself. the intelligency of the Indian it people are going to be used for Indian that will be a developing stage for India

How do you pay for outsourcing services?

Well, it depends on the outsourcing company and your location..It may be cash or through online..

What businesses in the Philippines use outsourcing?

There are many businesses in the Philippines that are using outsourcing. Call centers are using them.

Which jobs can be outsources?

Outsourcing services are being categorized into four. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technnology Outsourcing (ITO), Software Development Outsourcing (SDO), and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). The most common among these four is BPO where most jobs being outsourced are services which involves contracting operations such as information technology where they have a knowledge on multimedia, animation and so on.

What is outsource software?

*Call Center Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel Improve performance with Call Center Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel scorecard *Service Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel Improve performance with Service Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel scorecard *HR Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel Improve performance with HR Outsourcing Scorecard for Excel scorecard I just introduce you some od the softwares.You can search the website at I hope it can help you.