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There is no need to have a record of violent behavior or any behavior for that matter. If there is no rental or lease agreement or the person is not on the title of the home, they have to leave at the owner's request. If the adult will not leave voluntarily, the local authorities will assist the involved parties in having the person removed. The person must be allowed to retrieve any personal items they own, or make arrangements to do so on a specified date following the eviction. If there are continuing problems after the eviction the homeowners have several legal options that can be used to resolve the issue.


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They simply don't cause violent behavior. No evidence proves a link between violent video games and violent behavior. Video games are mainly used for stress release and entertainment, so if anything, they prevent violent behavior.

Yes, he can, particularly if he is being violent towards his wife and children.

ignorance. some parents were raised by violent adults and will be violent parents if they had no other examples or information on how to parent. mental illness or substance use might also cause abusive behavior where there was none before.

Not in my opinion. I have 2 grown sons that played those types of games when they were younger, and still play. Parents need to BE PARENTS. Limit the games to the weekends, and maybe an hour or so during that time. Other then that, tell them to get outside and play!!

It depends on the person. Violent behavior is not necessarily a factor in every case of NPD. Some have anger management problems that could result in violent behavior.

Quiet, but when bothered,they become violent.

Sometimes if teens because if they do not listen to their parents they will become violent themselves.

Behavior is directly affected by the environment the individual is in. If the environment is very harsh and violent the individual's behavior will reflect that.

Aggressive behavior is reactionary and impulsive behavior that often results in breaking household rules or the law. Aggressive behavior is violent and unpredictable.

it can increase agressive and violent behavior

when children grow up in violent homes they think it's normal behavior to control a weak parent because it's all about power and control

When kids constantly see people getting murdered and disemboweled they just start to talk about killing and blood.

There are many reasons why a person may exhibit violent behavior. A person who grows up in a violent environment, has little income, and a limited education is more prone to violence than someone who has not dealt with these issues.

Alleged threatening and violent behavior is a term used to describe someone who is being accused of threatening behavior. This essentially means they are not guilty yet.

This is violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.

Violent video games and T.V. shows can cause bad behavior. Influences from other people can cause bad behavior as well.! Violent video games encourage violent behavior. And halo games are very violent. Is that really what you want for a 10 - year old?

No. It is the parents who allow their kids to act bad who make their children violent.

Interesting question. While many people might maintain that Oprah is non-violent, the argument can be made and strongly supported that she is passively violent. On more than one occasion, she has spouted hate and public humiliation/condemnation of different groups of people. Any such behavior, by anyone, regardless of the target is (at minimum by transient property) violent behavior. She may deny it, but denial does not repudiate it.

they were never violent but there parents r jus like any other parent strict

The behavior of a mongoloid can vary. However, an Asian mongoloid is considered to be less likely to commit violent crimes than other ethnicities.

its the parents fault for not being there for the kid

Information varies when it comes to how violent movies affect children. Some research shows that children that are exposed to violent media have aggressive behavioral issues later on in life. There has also been research that claims there is no relationship between violent media and violent behavior in children.

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