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Only qualified professionals can lead the teen and parents in the right direction. By being physically abused there are a lot of issues the teen has that must be faced and dealt with so they will become healthy and motivated adults in society.

2006-09-13 23:41:00
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How do you prevent physical abuse?

make sure the person does not drink try not to get on there nerves

What is the difference between physical abuse and deserving it?

Physical abuse is cruel and violent. No one deserves physical abuse.

How can physical abuse?

define the following types of abuse. physical abuse, sexual abuse , emotional abuse, financial abuse, institutional abuse, self neglect ,and neglect by others.

Why is emotional abuse not recognized as more damaging than physical abuse?

It is because emotional abuse is harder to prove than physical abuse.

What are the physical effects of Drug-abuse?

i think the answer is the drug is a physical drug.

What are the differences of emotional and physical abuse?

Physical abuse leaves marks and emotional abuse hurts u emotions

What is non verbal abuse?

physical abuse

Do you know all the types of child abuse?

neglectful supervision physical abuse sexual abuse medical neglect physical neglect emotional abuse

What is the definition of physical abuse?

Physical abuse is abuse involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm.

Types of child abuse?

Sexual abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect, Emotional abuse

Can you win if there is evidence of physical and financial abuse?

physical abuse yes financial no clue

How often is Elder abuse physical?

1 in 7 cases involve physical abuse

Is physical abuse in the saw movies?

Oh yeah, most of SAW has physical abuse.

What are the different forms of abuse?

The 4 forms of abuse are:-Emotional Abuse-Mental Abuse-Physical Abuse-Sexual Abuse

Does anger abuse lead to physical abuse?

yes it can. It all depends on the person. If he/she gets so angry it can lead into physical abuse.

Is slapping a teenager and swearing at teenager abuse?

It is Verbal and Physical abuse. Verbal Abuse is considered with the swearing while the physical is the slapping.

What is the seven types of abuse?

emotional abuseverbal abusephysical abusesexual abuseabandonmentneglectmedical abuse

Can emotional abuse turn physical how long does it take before the abuse gets physical?

Yes. Most physical abusers are first emotionally abusive. Some never physically abuse, but remain emotionally abusive, or recognize the problem and get help. There is no time line of when the abuse will or will not escalate to physical abuse. Abuse, no matter what form it is in, should not be accepted or tolerated.

Ways to prevent drug abuse?

The best way to prevent drug abuse is to not use drugs in the first place. If drug use is ABSOLUTELY necessary then you should make sure you have a sober friend to help prevent abuse.

What are the different kind of child abuse?

physical abusesexual abusenegletemotional abusestop child abuse

How can you prevent elder abuse?


What is the main point of physical abuse?

the main point is that it is wrong. Abuse is wrong it hurts. If someone hits you with the intent to hurt you or out of anger then it is physical abuse.

Is there a such thing as elder abuse?

Yes, elder abuse is a real thing. It can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, and financial abuse.

What different types of child abuse are there?

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental/psychological/emotional abuse, and neglect.

What are the causes of physical abuse?

One of the causes of physical abuse is that the abuser was also physically abused at some point in their childhood. Stress, alcohol abuse, jealousy, low self-esteem, and controlling behavior are all causes of physical abuse also.