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With a U.S. visa. But have in mind that the U.S. Immigration laws virtually deny a visa (any tipe of visa) to any poor, unskilled, uneducated (no college degree) foreigner. The interested party can find information relating to their individual circumstanes at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website,

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Q: How can someone immigrate legally to the US from Mexico?
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How can someone immigrate illegally to the us from Mexico?

Crossing the border by running, jumping, or swimming. Many of them die in their attemp to.

How can a us citizen sponsor someone from Mexico and bring them to the us legally?

To sponsor someone you will need to be their employer, and they must have a skill or ability that is not generally available.

What if you are legally married in US but not in Mexico are you legally married?

yes you are legally married.

What country did few people immigrate to the US between 1861 and 1890?


What might motivate a us citizen to immigrate to Mexico?

A plentiful supply of inexpensive tequila.

Why did linda chavez immigrate to the US?

Linda Chavez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and so has not immigrated to the US.

Can you get married in Mexico and not be legally married in the US?

If the marriage is legal in Mexico, it should be legal in the US. One exception is for same-sex marriage. If you marry someone of the same-sex in Mexico City, that marriage will not be recognized in most of the United States.

How do you legally take a truck from the US into Mexico?

you drive their

Where do Mexican immigrants come from?

People immigrate to Mexico from all over the world. Most people who immigrate to Mexico come from the US. Reasons for coming to Mexico often include lower health care costs, warmer climate, and generally a more relaxed lifestyle.

If married in Mexico are you legally married in us?

Yes, of course

Can a single parent from the UK immigrate with her child to the US legally?

A single mother can as the US does not generally honor foreign father custody orders. Only Cuba does.

If you are legally married in US but not in Mexico can you marry in Mexico?

Of course not! You are only legally allowed to be married to one person at a time, it does not matter where you live or where you got married.

Are you legally married in the us and he goes to Mexico and married in Mexico?

He is guilty of bigamy. You can start the divorce process.

If an illegal Mexican marries an American can he go to Mexico and reenter the US legally?

if an illegal Mexican marries an American they can't go back into Mexico and reenter the United States legally. They can only go to Mexico and reenter legally if they have been granted a Visa.

Can a us citizen sign someone into US?

not legally, only if you get married.

Do US citizen immigrate to Mexico?

Yes. Over 750,000 US Citizens currently live in Mexico (taking advantage of dual citizenship laws) and over 1 million Americans have a residence in Mexico (from which at least 250,000 are known as snowbirds).

Why do French people immigrate to the US?

to immigrate to America for more opportunities

Can someone come to US with expired passport?

Not legally.

Are you legally married in the US if you have a spouse in Mexico?

Yes. Your marriage will be recognized in the U.S.

If a Mexican can not be here in the us can you marry them?

Legally you can marry them in Mexico and then bring them back to the US. They are allowed to be in the US if they are married to a US Citizen.

What is the top five countries that immigrate to the US?

these r communly know mexico, China, the middle east, and any other war zones

Mexico allowed US citizens to immigrate into Texas because it needed?

To populate the northern territories and fend off Native American attacks.

How do you apply for your Canadian citizeen brother for US immigration?

By filing a I-130 petition. It would take around 9 or 10 years before your brother would be legally allowed to immigrate to the US

Why did Pakistani immigrate to the US?

its safer in the us

What country has a lot of people immigrate into the US why?

I would say Mexico. Mexico doesn't have many 'immigrants' but has many aliens in the U.S. probablly because they are looking for a better life, would be my guess.