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There usually will not be obvious signs of a trace. If your phone is warm when it shouldn't be, or has dramatically decreased battery life with no increase in usage, it might be bugged.

Also, if you have a GSM phone, and your phone causes speakers (e.g. from a stereo or computer) to buzz when you are not on a call, then it might be tapped.

Of course, there are other reasons that could cause any of the above situations.

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Q: How can someone tell if a cell phone is being tapped?
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How do you find out if cell phone is tapped?

If a cell phone has service, it is liable to being tapped by the government. This can range anywhere from simply monitoring locational data to recording actual conversations around and from the phone.

What are the signs that your cell phone is being tapped?

voice echo, call drop...........etc

How would you know if your cell phone were tapped?

something would come up?

Can your cell be tapped by your work?

on a work phone yes but it is highly against the law to tap a home phone

How do you use cell phone when its tapped by police?

if its a smart phone thenthrow it away cuz theyll be werever u are

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How to unbug my cell phone?

How can I unbug my cell phone from being spyed on

Where can one learn to use a cell phone?

Someone can learn how to use a cell phone by checking online sites that tell how to use the type of cell phone one has. Also, someone can go to a cell phone provider, such as a store, and ask someone for help using the phone.

Can a boost mobile cellphone be tapped?

Yes, for some values of "tapped." The radio communication between a cell phone and a cell tower is encrypted... you could theoretically capture it off the air, but it wouldn't do you much good. However, in order to turn it back into a phone call instead of something resembling static, the service provider has to be able to decrypt it at that point, and it could be tapped there.

Can someone make a call using your cell number on another phone?

it is possible for someone to use your cell phone number

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it is discovered by someone.

Is stealing a cell phone a federal offense?

It is not a federal offense unless the cell phone belonged to the government, or if someone opens a cell phone using someone elses personal information.

How do you get someone who doesn't have a cell phone to answer the phone?

you can't make anyone answer the phone.

How to locate someone by cell phone number?

use a reverse cell phone directory online.

What are the causes of the cell phone?

There are good and bad causes of a cell phone. One is to get in touch with someone.

How can you call someone?

Use a cell phone

What does it mean if you give someone your cell phone number in a dream?

you are being receptive to open up to compliments or criticism

How can someone get their cell phone unlocked?

You can get your cell phone unlocked through the cell phone carrier you are subscribed to. For example, if you are with Wind Wireless, there is an option on the website to unlock your phone.

Can someone use cell phone tracking to track me?

The police can can track you if you have a cell phone on you if they have a warrant to do so. If someone else else does it, then it will be illegal.

Can happy quotes be text to a cell phone?

Happy quotes can be text to a cell phone. Using the email program on their computer, someone can send a text message directly to a cell phone, as long as they know which cell phone provider someone recipient uses.

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If you think that you need to check your husbands cell phone records, you're probably right. There is no use in being married to someone that you cant trust.

How can you receive calls on your cell phone that were originally for the home phone so that when someone calls the home phone you can answer using the cell phone?

call forwarding

How do people use the cell phone?

People use the cell phone by calling or texting someone to get into touch with them. You have to click the buttons on the phone to use the phone.

Can you track someone by there cell phone number?


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