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== == Your question is a bit two sided. First off one actually is a contradiction of the other. For one you don't need a degree to have a home based business, yet the education a degree provides would be helpful in starting a home based business. Now the secondary part is this. Are there any legitimate home based businesses? The answer to that is "The only legitimate home based business is the business you think of and build yourself". Now there are multi-level marketing businesses you can start however those are for rare individuals and dont cater to the masses. Here is the best bet for anyone. Look for your local junior college and see if they have any classes on small business ownership or entrepreneurship. Junior college classes are very cheap. Once this class is completed go to your local book store and find a few books on home based businesses. Then once you have read up on whats available, you should have enough information to start a successful and rewarding home based business and with little up front costs. However at this point you will be well versed in what this kind of endeavor will require both in time and capital. Therefore you will be better prepared for what the requirements are.

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Q: How can someone with no degree who is unwilling to pay money to get started find a real work-from-home job?
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