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How can somone be emotionally loving to their spouse?

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July 15, 2015 6:35PM

If you are quite young then sex is certainly one of the ways,

but as we get older it gets a little harder to maintain emotional

love to it's fullest. Doing things like baking their favorite cake,

pie, etc., is one, or a favorite dinner. Doing something out of the

ordinary (something silly) like having a picnic at a nice well lit

populated park in the middle of the night is crazy, but fun. For no

reason go up and give them a kiss on the cheek, a quick hug or "the

look!" Make them feel that they are the only one you love.

Some men or women may think you are crazy, but keep at it

because it's contagious. Boredome brews from doing ordinary things

and never trying new things.

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