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More definition of problem needed!I guess i would initially ask for some more detail...when you say "deteriorates" do you speak about the temperature of the air out put by the a/c unit...if this is the case my thoughts would quickly leed to looking for leaks in the system. Or alternatively do you speak reduced volume and or pressure of air (hor or cold) being supplied through the vents in the car interior?...this might point to checking the vent fan (that it works)and ducts (that they are clear of obstructions and they are not kinked or have broken seals on any joints)...

I would guess that whoever serviced the unit would have checked for refrigerant gas leaks when they serviced & refilled the unit...but sometimes a leak my be very small and not show up for some time - a small leak could take a few days or perhaps weeks to vent enough refrigerant to reduce the cooling capacity of the system...

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Q: How can the performance of a Daewoo Matiz air conditioner be improved when its performance deteriorates even after servicing and refilling?
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